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Puppy flavours

February 28, 2010 — BarryK
My quick little summary of puppies that are currently under very active development on the forum. No particular order:

Upup (playdayz)
An "Ubuntu Karmic" Puppy. playdayz builds this from a recent Woof. He has some customizations, and informs me that he has worked out a system for downloading the latest Woof then applying his customizations.

4.4 (technosaurus)
This will be the next release in the 4.x series. The current official Puppy is 4.3.1.

Dpup (gposil)
"Debian" Puppy. Built from Woof, but I'm not sure if gposil is syncing with the latest Woof, just getting bits as needed. It is likely that this will be the official Puppy 5.0.

Stardust (zigbert)
Based upon the 4.x series. Zigbert is aiming for small size and an elegant user interface.

Puppeee (Jemimah)
This pup is optimized for the Asus Eee PC netbooks, with features for small screens. Built from Puppy 4.x series, using Woof. Again, I don't think Jemimah syncs with latest Woof, just gets bits as needed.

Japanese Puppy (shinobar)
Based on Puppy 4.3.1 (for now). Well, this is not very active on the Puppy forum, but is very actively developed elsewhere.

Quirky (BarryK)
And of course there is my own Quirky Puppy, built from Woof, based on packages that I compiled recently in T2.
007 coming very soon, so there will be a new forum thread for that.

Any other puplet that I have missed?


Puppy Versions
Username: tronkel
There is now such a rich choice within Puppy, that there seems to be a need now for professional Puppy Linux Consultants! Puppy distro junkies would be well qualified for this line of work. Don't forget MacPup, TeenPup as well as all of MU's variants. Say someone buys a Classmate PC or a netbook from somewhere, doesn't like the OEM operating system and needs advice about what to do. The choice in Puppy alone is awesome. Add in non-Puppy solutions and it's hard to give a definitve answer at all.

a few more
Username: sinx/x
"since you asked if you missed any, here are a few others that still seem to be active. 214X Pulp (has been recently updated) MyWolfe HaroCafe Lighthouse XP Pup NOP Browser Linux Puppy Arcade pUpnGo - 6Mb Iso TurboPup Xtreme Barebones431 ChoicePup Project K-9

Linux heaven...reflexion
Username: revolverve
" Thank you again for Puppy BK , I am an everyday user , I really enjoy it .As it happend myself a few time now to introduce my sons and friends to linux i had to explain the history of it,from Unix to Linus to distros to multiple version of one in many more and almost everytime the question came in , why ? Will it one day reverse an then melt back slowly into one or fewer distros? One would probably be kind of big , too much maybe? More specialized specific distro?, one for music project , vidéo , ingeneering , hardware specific... or a `pick your own` one. Anyways , the philosophy of free systems to share that priceless knowledge is wonderfull!!!!! On my behalf , having already too much different interests in life I give up on trying to learn real deep programming with 0 and 1...too much for my humble(or lazy...) brains... so on my behalf I wont personnaly change course of history ,snif snif... Its just a global `linuxian` reflexion , not Puppy specific one , nothing personnal . As lots of peoples did dreamed like myself what would be the result if all ''linuxian'' efforts where put in a huge single distro !!! Heaven with a fresh thick smell of your favorite parfum...dreams dreams...Your woof base is , I think one of the greatest ''open mind'' linux construction kit from different distro , bravo!!! and same to all who build from it!!!! The SFS add your own thing too!!!! genious!!!! I am really pleased using Puppy's, Thanks ,M.Torvalds ,M.Kauler and all developpers . Keep up the good work.

puplets and Xdelta
Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry I'm testing most of those puplets you mention and often help out the dev by posting delta files. Now, the new Xdelta (apparent in playdayz Upup because he built from latest woof) has the new delimiter of the underscores. I just reconstructed with the older Xdelta with Stardust. The old file was "pup_stardust-011.iso" and the delta file "". It did create a new iso called "newfile.iso" with no errors. Easy workaround was to change the "___" to ":" in the delta filename and it created the correct "pup_stardust-012.iso". Can you give me a link to the new Xdelta gui? I'll post it on the forum in my "Xdelta HOWTO" Cheers and thanks.

Username: BarryK
"01micko, The latest Xdelta GUI app is /usr/sbin/xdelta_gui and is in Woof: All pups built with a recent Woof would have it.

latest xdelta
Username: 01micko
"Thanks Barry I grabbed the latest xdelta_gui out of the latest Upup and posted it in the Xdelta HOWTO, with some basic instructions. _______________ About gposil... I phoned him three weeks ago and he said he'd be back in the next day or two, he was moving house. He may be waiting for his satellite dish to be connected... these things take time, as Barry knows only too well! Cheers

Username: else
"[img][/img] "he was moving house": gposil is not a possum in a tree no more, what a thought. maybe a toad in a cane field? or a ghost-crab on a beach?

Username: else
"[img][/img] "he was moving house": gposil is not a possum in a tree no more, what a thought. maybe a toad in a cane field? or a ghost-crab on a beach?

Hacao Linux
Username: BarryK
"Is Hacao Linux still going strong? I don't recall any recent posts on the forum, and the last release on was May 2009. But, Hacao is another one that is being developed elsewhere, so it could be very active without me being aware of it.

About Hacao
Username: ICPUG
"Hacao's last update was in July 2009 when the English/Vietnamese version Hacao Linux 2009 CE was released. Hacao's last post on the forum was 7th August 2009 to announce a forthcoming update at FECIT 2009 (15-18 Oct, 2009). I don't know what happened to that. Nevertheless, I think it is too early to say Hacao is inactive. Hacao Linux is a great Puplet that, with its inclusion of OpenOffice and Wine in the default setup, is up there in the Ubuntu - Fedora - SUSE class of Distro and a worthy competitor to those distros.

Username: ttuuxxx
"Thanks for listing 2.14x sinx :) Barry forgetting 2.14x is really how do you say, "leaving the best out for last, lol" I've made over 20 individual releases of it :) 2.14x has been actively updated for well over 1 year now, over 68MB of changes has happened to 86MB puppy version. There are over 200 pages of reading and documentation on the forum which makes it the largest single thread ever to happen on murga forum, 196394 times its been viewed, by far its the most updated retro puppy version of puppy ever. Plus its in RC3 status :) [img][/img] PS every release it only gets better :) and it has a loyal following that wants to see it continue even after I'm done with it. ttuuxxx

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry you also stated "Dpup (gposil) "Debian" Puppy. Built from Woof, but I'm not sure if gposil is syncing with the latest Woof, just getting bits as needed. [b][u]It is likely that this will be the official Puppy 5.0[/u][/b]. " Ummm have you seen the size of it????? 163MB I don't think 163MB iso should be the next puppy, Wasn't that long ago when people were complaining at 100MB, could you imagine 163MB, yes Gposil has done a sterling effort but even if it was 115MB that could be be considered too large also. It would be nice if the woof scripts built ubuntu/debian/arch/slackware compatible puppy versions without the actual packages, ubuntu/debian etc use extra gnome deps that blowout the budget, If say we had puppy versions with same GlibC, kernels, etc so its binary compatible only like you did with puppy 3.0, that would be a lot nicer in file size. Plus then you could still use Debian/Ubuntu repos :) ttuuxxx

Pup 5.0
Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, Well, that was the intention awhile back. I haven't been following what is happening with Dpup, just noticed that it has been active (until very recently). It may be that there are good reasons for Dpup being so big, also perhaps it could be trimmed. Um, perhaps we need to have a "round table" discussion with a group of the top dogs (the main developer guys) and sort out just what is going to become "Puppy 5.0".

puppy 5.0
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I'll submit my vote now for Tpup, The reason is beacuse Dpup and Upup by playdayz are too large in file size, Quirky is based on a cutdown Tpup right. Quirky generally works very well other than the black background for menu icons, its more of a traditional puppy size, Firefox 3 runs perfect on it :) ttuuxxx

puppy 5 discussion
Username: 01micko
"I built a ppup with the latest woof, 4th March, and it weighed in at 101MB with the 2.6.33 kernel. (as I posted in the woof post by Barry) I'm sure I did something slightly wrong to tip it over 100MB. It was a "pure" woof build and is working well. Can't test filesystem errors at the moment because I have been running pupmode 77. gposil is planning on trimming dpup, but in saying that, I can't see it getting much below 150MB. As for Upup, playdayz has added SDL and a few things directly from the woof build, so it is 99% pure woof. Just a few bugfixes after the woof build. Inherently the Ubuntu packages are bigger, they can only be stripped so much, therefore a Upup, and respectively Spup and Dpup are going to be larger for the same functionality. As for a Tpup based on quirky, the kernel would need smp support because alot of the users expect that now, a pecedent was set with 43X series. So a build could be made with whatever kernel we choose but it would need, in my opinion, to be differentiated from Quirky. Since ppup is generally t2 compatible anyway, I guess it would be possible to build a ppup directly from woof with many of the quirky packages and still be a ppup. Thoughts?

Ppup vs Tpup
Username: BarryK
"They have the same origins, both built from packages compiled in T2. The difference is that Ppup currently is built from 4.x PET packages, whereas Tpup currently builds from a combination of T2 binary packages and PET packages that were compiled in Quirky. In practice, they are the same except that Tpup/Quirky has a much more recent base of core packages, whereas the 4.x core packages go right back to Nov. 2007. Actually, I could convert the T2 binary packages into PETs, then build Quirky entirely from PET packages, and it would then be a Ppup. Anyway, if the choice is going to be between current Ppup and Tpup for Puppy 5.0, the latter is the only suitable candidate.

new support for puppy
Username: rosco
"Barry, you must seriously consider finding a new channel to direct users of your puppy OS. as a new puppy user i started irc using "chat." This defaults to #puppylinux where i was cursed and insulted. i'm positive you know #puppylinux is the home of swearing, racism, pornography, hatred, religious bashing, gay bashing, etc. and that new users bear the brunt of a venting chamber of the mentally unstable. This default channel makes puppy a very bad experience for the new user. the network freenode, wants no responsibility and the channel management has knowingly let it occur for years. The end responsibility falls back to your software directing new users to this channel. please change that channel. the fastest way i know of to find a responsible party is to simply get on #freenode or spotchat or another and post you'd like to find a responsible party to run a channel that your OS will default to. i highly recommend not sourcing a new channel owner on #puppylinux. I am disgusted the content of this channel your OS directed me to is allowed to exist. I really hope you take a minute or two to change this. Regards, Rosco

Username: BarryK
"The Ayttm package that I am now using in Quirky builds puts up a warning that #puppylinux is not an official Puppy support channel, however it is still offered as the default. If there is a channel moderated by someone who will block undesirables and who will commit to doing it for the long-term, then I will be happy to switch. But, I don't know of anyone who has committed to that.

Username: ttuuxxx
"also last week we lost a repo & user, because AlienJeff and one of his friends on the chat. AJ is a Arch-Linux user and no longer a puppy user, he should of been banned from murga and #1puppylinux years ago. He is constantly giving puppy a black-eye and well I just think its sad that so many people work so hard at things for puppy and you get a couple rotten apples and it spoils the bunch. ttuuxxx

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