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February 15, 2010 — BarryK
The Xorg Wizard, when run from X, has a GUI that offers various tools for configuring the graphics display. One of those is gamma adjustment, which enables adjustment of the brightness of the red, green and blue components of the screen.

However, the gamma adjustment option tries to run 'tkgamma', which is no longer in Puppy. Forum member 'PANZERKOPF' has come to the rescue and written a little GUI using gtkdialog. I have hacked it somewhat and put it into Woof.

I have implemented it slightly differently. It creates /root/.xgamma-gamma, which is read by /root/.xinitrc

I also fixed the X server chooser Wizard, which offers to use either Xorg or Xvesa, but the latter is not in Quirky.


value mapping
Username: emil
I am a bit late with commenting, I got here via google ... xgamma takes values from 0.1 (darkest) over 1.0 (default) to 10 (brightest). Currently the mapping in the script is made from 0 to 200 ( I think 0 is not acceptet by xgamma, although the gui lets one choose such a value). I have the feeling a logharithmic mapping would be better suited. One could scale from -100 (darkest) over 0 (default) to 100 (brightest) and map that value x to use as input value y for xgamma. x-->y: y=10^(x/100) this would exactly reproduce the border values. ... Anyway, I have tried to implement this ideas and made a post on the forum :cool: emil

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