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Another cheap netbook

March 28, 2010 — BarryK
Another cheap netbook:

This attracted my attention because of the IBM involvement and the Lotus applications. The Lotus apps require Wine I think. Many moons ago, Lotus WordPro was my favourite word processor.

The netbook has the Atom N270 which is not the latest generation Atom CPU.


Username: 01micko
Seems it may not run the Lotus apps on wine.. "... as well as Linux versions of IBM's Open Collaboration Client Solution software (OCCS), based on IBM Lotus Symphony, Lotus Notes, and other Lotus applications. " (from your link). Maybe an IBM developed emulator? Or nativeley? :/ IBM has a long involvement with Linux/Unix which is great. I never have any trouble running puppy on anything IBM. (er no, I don't work for IBM!) That netbook would be a great candidate for Puppy but the irony in that is that purchasing one would be supporting Canonical. Cheers

Username: x
""and will first be made available in Africa for just $190, says IBM." africa is a big place of diverse and harsh money biting tax impingements from highly bendable govts. also local computer assemblers who demand(pay for protection) from the govts. step into the real world.

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