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Simple Network Setup "version 1"

March 10, 2010 — BarryK
I announced yesterday that I had written a network/Internet setup tool from scratch:

I added support for WPA, and it works real nice on my hardware. So, I decided to put it out there for further testing:

SNS is very small, just two scripts, 'sns' and '', kept at /usr/local/simple_network_setup.
When connections are made, the information is stored at /etc/simple_network_setup.

If you need to connect to different networks at different times, such as a flash stick that gets plugged into different PCs, no problem. You can have multiple profiles and '' will automatically connect to whatever network is available.

The same thing goes for different network interface cards and USB thingys. will use whatever hardware is currently plugged in.

The greatest feature I think is the simplicity. Sooo easy to use!

Anyway, give it a go, report bugs.

Oh yeah, it is designed to run in a recent Woof-built Puppy. If you are running anything older than playdayz' latest Dpup or Quirky 008, you should be able to do a partial evaluation of SNS by just installing the package without the 'rc.sysinit' and 'rc.shutdown' -- or manually patch your rc.sysinit and 'rc.shutdown'., I guess someone could create a SNS PET for Puppy 431 or whatever. I'm not sure, they may have to upgrade wpa_supplicant also.


SNS v2
Username: BarryK
SNS version 2 posted on the forum.

SNS v2
Username: BarryK
"Hmmm, I'm having more trouble with v2 than v1. Stay tuned...

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