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March 27, 2010 — BarryK
Thanks for all the responses to my concern about the lack of an official Puppy release for sometime -- 5 months and 10 days.

I notice that we have slipped down the ranks at Distrowatch.

I understand the problems that the coordinators of 4.4 and proposed 5.0 puppies have -- the real-life demands. But, we do have an urgent need to get a new release "out there", a reference build.

Give me a couple more days, I think that I have a proposal for the next official Puppy, something interesting.


why not more flawors on distrowatch?

official Puppy
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry sounds exciting :) Hmmmm maybe Tpup with your xorg-server 1.3/1.5 mix and the bluemoon icon theme :). That would make a great start :) ttuuxxx

Username: puppymike
"It would be great if it could include Firefox even at the expense of iso size. Rgds Mike

reference distro
Username: bigpup
"You may be the only person that is able to control and maintain the core reference operating system, that is Puppy Linux. That is a good thing!! You have the steady handed knowledge and understanding of what Puppy Linux is, and what the base should be. As updates to programs evolve, you have that inside knowledge base, that no other has, to determine if this changes Puppy in a good or bad way. A good core foundation, is one of the key items that makes Puppy Linux the best of the best. The spin off ideas can shine, because they start with a solid base, that is Puppy Linux.

Username: 8-bit
"It seems I remember trying a version that set up internet/network connection out of the box. It would be a nice addition. And one could always fall back on your Simple Network Connection utility. Also, I agree that SeaMonkey 1.1.8 is getting outdated and needs an upgrade. Also, AbiWord could stand updating too. It still crashes when using the "Create or Modify Styles". I am talking about the OEM versions of Puppy of course. And last, lets stay with a stable kernel.

great news
Username: james c
" Great news.Anxiously awaiting the details.

New Distro
Username: Oliver C
"- regarding browsers, there is an Opera Pet, which as a pet, needs only to be referenced in a new distro, that is, the user may choose to use it or not, the distro size is not affected. Maybe just a convenient pet page would be enough here. - Puppylinux Startdust version is great, and has terrific internet connectivity, adsl usb even. Never a problem - touch pad tapping does not seem to work in Stardust at least - the firewall should be turned on by default, or users informed that it is off?

Username: Brian N
"I'm new to Puppy, about 4 days old in fact! Loving the new lease of life it's given an old laptop. I like the auto connect idea above and the firewall one. Having firewall on by default or a warning it's off seem very good ideas. I also think the browser and email need updating if possible. I've enjoyed reading your blog Barry, and i'm looking forward to your next idea.

New Distro
Username: Oliver C
"- ... actually the touch pad does work in Stardust, noted after installing the Opera pet, don't think the touch pad worked before though....

Firewalled by default
Username: PaulBx1
"Amen to defaulting the firewall on. Keep newbies and forgetful folks out of trouble. Also want to lobby for automatic, configurable backup of pupsaves. I cobbled that together myself and am glad I have it. As a stretch goal, integrate better encryption, i.e. dmcrypt-LUKS, GPG and enigmail, or at least make standard package pets for that.

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