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Violent storm

March 23, 2010 — BarryK
My previous post, for Bones 0.2 was after being offline for over 24 hours.

The power went off yesterday evening and came back this evening. Yesterday there was lightning coming down all over the place. A massive storm front hit the coast of Western Australia. In Perth there was hail the size of golf balls and hundreds of cars had broken windscreens.

Withdrawal symptoms! I sat there in the dark, couldn't do anything.

This has reminded me of a new series that premiered the night before, called "Survivors". It's another one of these pandemic virus stories, this one is pretty savage, kills most people in the world (no, they don't turn into undead creatures). The survivors have to face failure of all the services, power, water, sewerage, and that's just for starters... oh yeah, there's billions of rotting bodies to contend with.

Survivors is made in the UK, and they are onto a second series. What I have just seen is the first episode of the first series., 90% kill rate was estimated early-on in the first episode, but it looked more like 99.9%.

Survivors is screening immediately after "V", which also has debuted here recently. This is the remake. I dunno, for me it is hardly watchable, even though I normally like sci-fi.



Username: Terryphi
"The current remakes are total rubbish. The original 1970's series were brilliant and still available on DVD ( here in the UK anyway.) In the original the characters were seen creating a new community after the collapse of society and many philosophical issues were discussed. The modern series is just a shoot'em up action drama.

Username: Raffy
"Which is it, the TV or the real storm? ;) Perth is still lucky that it got only 35 mm of rain (not 35 cm)! Here in the storm belt, land has been very dry from the long drought. New storms are welcome. :)

Easy fixed
Username: rockabye
"I just use a small solar array, deep cycle battery and 250W sinewave inverter to run my adsl, netbook and macmini. Even has enough in reserve to run some DC lights and fan during extended blackouts.

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