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April 05, 2010 — BarryK
I hope to have a new release of Quirky in a day or two. This will feature Openbox, Obconf and Fbpanel instead of JWM. It will also have the kernel.

I'm compiling the kernel right now. For ext3, I have enabled 'data=ordered' as default. The 'btrfs' filesystem driver is now a module. I got Aufs out of git yesterday, and this has a little patch that the Aufs developer gave me, to allow an SFS file which is loaded as one branch (via a loop device) to be present in another branch. There are patches to support the Gecko netbook. Configured for SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing, ie, multiple cores) and tickless.

I am intending to stay with this kernel for a long time, of course that depends on it working nicely.

There are a few things that I want to do, such as upgrade a few packages and work on a couple of scripts, but that should be done promptly and the next Quirky will be out in a couple of days. At the same time I will upload the latest Woof.

Tags: quirky