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April 06, 2010 — BarryK
I have uploaded all the kernel sources to my source repository:

...ok, I see how this username/password thing works. I can go to a subdirectory and then login and access files. What can't be done is a URL direct to a file.

I also created an SFS file, so when the next Quirky is released, users will be able to compile drivers.

I still have to verify that this kernel plays nicely. So far I have only tested it booting a full hard-drive installation.

There is a problem with compiling 3rd-party analog modem drivers -- they won't. I tried pctel and slmodem sources, they would not compile.
So, for any official release, I will have to also release a "retro" build with the kernel, for those on dialup (with a software modem).

That is, until someone figures out how to compile those modem drivers.

Tags: quirky