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Abiword, SeaMonkey issues

April 10, 2010 — BarryK
Quirky 018 testers have reported that Abiword cannot open MS .docx files. That is version 2.8.1.

Technosaurus has created an Abiword 2.8.2, with support for .docx.

Request: Quirky testers, try technosaurus' package. If it works, I'll just plunk it into Quirky, save me the hassle of compiling it -- as technosaurus has stated, there are lots of issues getting it right.

Check that spell-check works also.

That reminds me of something else. It has been reported that the Email module of SeaMonkey 2.0.4 won't accept attachments.
Hmmm, maybe try running 'seamonkey' from a terminal, see if there are any error messages when you try to attach a file to an email.

Another possibility, I think that ttuuxxx has compiled SeaMonkey -- if you can grab ttuuxxx' PET package, see if that works in Quirky. I think that ttuuxxx reported that he managed to get his package a bit smaller than mine.


SeaMonkey 2.0.4
Username: broomdodger
SeaMonkey 2.0.4 will not open files with a space in the name.

SeaMonkey 2.0.4
Username: broomdodger
"I need to qualify, these three cases a file with a space in the name fail to open: 1) drag and drop to the pinboard icon fails 2) drag and drop to an open SeaMonkey window fails 3) clicking the html file fails Using File > Open file... and selecting the file works.

Seamonkey attachments
Username: tronkel
"Tried starting Seamonkey from the command-line using mozmail to make sure that the correct executable got started. No messages appeared at all in the terminal and still no success with the attachments. Also, I noticed that the Seamonkey extensions manager window sometimes seems to appear for no particular reason, and without being explicitly started from within Seamonkey itself. I notice though, that Seamonkey 2.0.4 as is built in to the ISO runs very snappily - so much so that it could be that when the scissors were out during compilation, something important got missed out. Hope it gets resolved somehow. because this latest Seamonkey is an important asset for this latest Quirky series.

Username: 8-bit
"General Seamonkey 2.04 mozmail question. Synopsis: I receive an email in Spanish. In Seamonkey itself, under Tools, there is an option of Translate Page. But in the mail window when viewing a message, that option is not available. Do you happen to know of a translator for mozmail?

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