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Alternative multimedia apps

April 29, 2010 — BarryK
Quirky 018 and Wary 020 have the Gnome-mplayer media player and gecko-mediaplayer browser plugin. That plugin is designed to work with Gnome-mplayer and requires dbus.

However, some testers have reported jerky playback or other issues, that they don't have with Gxine. Or, at least, Gxine in Puppy 4.3.1. Quirky/wary does have a few more daemons running than 4.3.1, hopefully none of those are the culprit.

That would be one thing to check, kill some of the daemons.

Or, I was thinking of building the next Quirky with multimedia apps that I tried in a much earlier version of Quirky. The latest Quirky/Wary has Mplayer but without the GUI component, so I might bring back the full Mplayer package. As Mplayer is not so good playing DVDs, I will include Ogle. There is also mplayer-plugin for the browser.

There is a downside, the Mplayer GUI is not as nice as Gnome-mplayer, and the Ogle GUI is a bit broken.


Goggles is just a DVD player
Username: Grumpywolfe13
Hi Barry The one ttuuxxx has in this article works quite well Maybe try that one."28 Apr 2010, 10:28"01541"'Gnome-player is best"Terryphi"I have found the Gnome-mplayer media player and gecko-mediaplayer browser plugin to be better for multimedia than anything else in Puppy or any other distro. I hope you are able to stick with this combination for future versions of Quirky/Wary."28 Apr 2010, 13:47"01541"'multimedia"joe.c"I have a large number of media marks and see no way of importing them into Gnome and I am unable to Get Gxine to work in Quirky/Wary so I'll stick with Puppy 4.1.2 (best puppy ever) until some thing usable comes along. thanks for all your hard work. joe"29 Apr 2010, 3:47"01541"'multimedia"rjbrewer"I tried ttuuxxxs' Goggles. Was only able to get it to run on my 4.1.2 install on my Inspiron 700m, but it plays dvds' that cause problems with mplayers perfectly. Really beautiful sound and video. Full screen mode has black border that takes up about 25% screen space; an acceptable trade-off for me."30 Apr 2010, 24:29"01541"'

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