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Comments reactivated

April 08, 2010 — BarryK
It is not very practical to have comments disabled on this blog, there is too much going on.

What has happened is I have been getting heaps of emails, and replying to them is a lot of work, and many of them are of interest to others and really belong on this blog or the forum.

I'll think about implementing some kind of moderation later.


thanks Barry
Username: dingo
Thanks Barry not to think of those who offend you, they do this because they are jealous of poor men Simply ban ;-)

Thank you, Barry
Username: UncleBaldie
"Barry, This is my first post to this blog, so please excuse. Firstly, many, many thanks for Puppy. It is a fantastic distro, the one I use as my daily workhorse. Without your vision Puppy would not exist,and we would be the poorer. And a round of applause is due to yourself, and the many others in the Puppy community, who put in a lot of hard work and time to make Puppy a first-class system. Secondly, I am greatly relieved to see that you have re-enabled comments. The comments can be a source of interest, information, and even inspiration. If the comments are negative, well, as long as it is constructive criticism, it can prove beneficial. Otherwise, just ignore them. You have the rest of the community behind you. Keep doing what you do best.....please. It will be a great loss when you do 'retire' ! With thanks, Phil

Username: uwisc
"It looks like Tom Leonard patched rox, 7 april :cool:

Thank you! Thank you!
Username: bigpup
"Thank you !!!!!!!! for bringing back comments. You are the ALPHA DOG of Puppy Linux. You are our leader and we are awed and inspired by what you do. I am trying to change how programs are found in the forum section ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE (Pets, N' Stuff). I got negative as well as positive comments about what I was doing. Even the moderators where negative at first. I can say for sure the negative comments made me think hard about what I was trying to do.The suggestions on how to do it, helped me to implement the posts I made. Now I have some people helping me and it is starting to work. The Forum Members are letting me Try. That is "Linux" Try it, if it does not work, try something else.

Comments reactivated
Username: ttuuxxx
"Well its nice to have a voice back, glad you changed your mind. This blog is a great tool for developers to voice there minds. Once again thanks Barry :) ttuuxxx

Thank you!
Username: murak
"Hi and thank you for Puppy and all your other hard work on open source software! I happend to surf on to and saw that you made another distro. Knowing about some of the comments you got for Puppy I felt that I should congratulate you and wish you Good Luck with Quirky! My humble oppinion is that linux would not be the same without you, keep up the good work! I leave you now with a comment I find both amusing and true: -Donīt argue with idiots, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. "12 May 2010, 5:24"01488"'Saved the day - Wary 5.0"Larry De Coste"A fiend of mine calls me from time to time when his Win XP - AOL mail machine gets hopelessly slow, or as 2 weeks ago, stops working completely. An editor and a national birding expert, he lives by his email. Hence his refusal, despite my years of insistence, to take the time for his large addressbook to get used to a new email address. Given that, being tax time return time, I couldn't get over there quickly, he was days behind in his email. So I booted up Wary 5.0 and had him check and answer email. I then did a frugal install to one of the many empty partitions on his hard drive, showed him how to boot into it and back into his still useless Win XP (Isn't that a tautology) partition as well and went home to supper. The next day I came back and brought his Win XP back and upgraded his AOL app (It took hours of Win updates.) However he still boots up to grub with Wary right there waiting for XP to bomb again! A former professor, my friend is brilliant but he insists on pronouncing linux as "LIE-nix" and he'll be 80 in June! He had no problem running Wary. We even printed some important emails to his HP inkjet. What a great job you've done Barry, and the other contributers. On my own machine I run SalineOS 1.3 as my main distro but the only distro still listed in grub's menu.lst from my superseded hard drive is the Puppy 4.3.1 that I'm using right now to write this Thank you. If I can get her to sit still long enough, I hope to use our Miniature Pinscher "Canela" as my avatar soon.

Many thanks
Username: StevenLynn
"Puppy has given life back to many of my machines. In a world of large distros that take hours to install, Puppy pulled through with flying colors. Puppy has allowed me to rid myself of MS's junk, and learn linux at a working level. That is, when i need something i fetch the sources and build it, no BS package manager doing all the brunt work. All i can say is Puppy linux is the best OS i've ever used in my life, It allowed me to stop using windows, and gave life back to would be junk computers. A big thanks to everyone who has contributed to this awesome project(i hope to give back one day soon) THANK YOU!

Puppy is Best
Username: darry1966
"Hi Barry, Thankyou for your great work I find what you do very inspiring keep up the great work

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