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April 07, 2010 — BarryK
I have received a lot of emails about the disabling of comments on this blog.

A few people have said that it is nice to read the blog without the "noise". Others have said that it is better if other developers can post immediate responses, rather than the very roundabout way of emailing me. Not just developers, often a user will have some useful item to report and it is convenient to be able to do it directly.

I am thinking of reinstating comments, but moderated.

As this is my personal blog, it is quite reasonable for me to only allow comments that I like. So, any that I don't, I should immediately delete, and even ban certain people.

However, there should be a page that explains what comments are acceptable. Basically anything that is positive, constructive. Anything that is targeting aggravating me, gets banned. Those who harp on in a negative vein, or dredge up old negativities that have already been put to bed, get banned.

This PPLOG blog is a very simple Perl script, a single file. It does have banning by IP address, but I have to edit the script and re-upload it, which is cumbersome. Also, I don't think there is any mechanism to associate a particular poster with their IP address. If I could somehow have a little display of usernames with their IP addresses, and an interactive way of banning by IP address, I will feel ok about reinstating comments.

Any Perl wiz reading this? -- and interested in beefing up PPLOG with extra functionality? Our PPLOG PET package is here:


This PupStuff Rocks!
Username: The Linux Licker
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