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Cut-down Nvidia driver

April 30, 2010 — BarryK
I butchered the Nvidia driver package, created a PET that is just 5.5MB (not bad, considering the last PET I created was 23MB!). It bumps the Quirky live-CD to 106MB, and I have uploaded it.

This is just for you guys who have Nvidia hardware. It works on my Nvidia-based PC, does it still work on yours? Grab it from here:

When the Xorg Wizard starts, click the <Choose> button and select 'nvidia'. This is because the normal probe will likely choose the 'nv' driver.

In future, I will probably move the 'nv' driver out to /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers-alternate, so it is not probed by default.

When you choose <Test> in the Xorg Wizard, and it succeeds (hopefully), then choose <Tweak> which will lead you to a window to adjust the vertical refresh frequency. I have fixed this so that it works for the Nvidia card -- needs something different in xorg.conf. This is a good thing to adjust if your screen image is displaced somewhat -- my test PC has a 19 inch CRT monitor and the 'nvidia' driver defaults to running it at its maximum rating of 120Hz, which causes the rendering to be displaced to the left. Knocking it back to 85Hz and it looks right.

Note, this butchered Nvidia driver lacks OpenGL libraries, so they would need to be provided as a separate package, if needed.


"Choose" works
Username: Raffy
Using AMD Sempron 64-bit processor with Nvidia graphics card, I failed with "Probe" but was successful with "Choose". But probably if the initial text said that if am sure that I have Nvidia graphics, that I should pick "Choose", it could have saved some time. (Will have to rerun it again to see what I missed.)"2 May 2010, 16:46"01549"'Choose"BarryK"Raffy, Quirky 1.0 will have the 'nv' driver in the 'drivers-alternate' directory, so won't get chosen over preference to the 'nvidia' driver. So, selecting <Probe> should work. Username: 2 May 2010, 20:32

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