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Fbpanel taskbar fix

April 09, 2010 — BarryK
Those testing Quirky 018 will have noticed that the taskbar only shows minimised windows. This is quite annoying if you have lots of overlapping windows on the screen and you want to bring one to the top.

If you run the config application (see Desktop menu), then select "mapped" mode in the taskbar settings, that will fix it.

I have modified the Fbpanel PET package so this is the default.

A typo in /usr/sbin/pfbpanel (the config script) was reported. Fixed.

I'll upload the PET package soon.


oky doky
Username: escucha
Yeah! Barry OK with your quirky ideas! Tx for your efforts. Don't stop. pfbpanel running ok now. Any solution about lack of icons in the menu?. Only 5 icons present there.

little code addition to pfbpanel
Username: Bart
"Hi Barry, The current pfbpanel script makes it not so easy to use aditional profiles (Puppy 5.2.8) I tried a little code that might be usefull to others also. It makes that profiles added to the folder /root/.config/fbpanel/showcustom, will also be processed. Added code is: at line 25 CUSTOMDIR=showcustom CUSTOMPATH=$HOME/.fbpanel/$CUSTOMDIR at line 1114 & 1136 if [ -d $CUSTOMPATH ];then for file in $CUSTOMPATH/*; do if [ -f "$file" ];then fbpanel -p $CUSTOMDIR/$(basename "$file") & fi done fi Thanks for coding Puppy !

Tags: quirky