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April 05, 2010 — BarryK
I created a fbpanel PET package, based upon the excellent older PET created by plinej (Jason). Jason's 'pfbpanel' and 'tempicons' didn't work quite right, partly because fbpanel 6.0 is slightly different from earlier versions. I replaced 'tempicons' with another script named 'variconlinks', which creates the links in /var/local/icons instead of /tmp/icons.

Jason's PET package also had 'fbpanel-xdgmenu' a compiled utility created by rarsa. I wanted to place the source into my repository, so sent a pm to rarsa. Rarsa has sent the source to me, 'fbpanel-xdgmenu.tar.gz'.

Rarsa wrote a lot of these menu-converter utilities. The source package 'xdg_puppy-0.7.6-8.tar.gz' has 'fvwm-xdgmenu', 'icewm-xdgmenu', 'jwm-xdgmenu', 'openbox-xdgmenu' and 'windowmaker-xdgmenu'.

Both are available on my repo:


Icons on the desktop
Username: Naena
I don't know, great 'canines', I have a situation that I haven't understood clearly yet. It seems like there are four window manager systems Puppy can use, and OpenBox is the default I got with Lupu 525. I am trying to add an icon to a set of html files placed in usr/share/doc. I placed the link/pinup to the first of these files on the desktop, exactly the way it is done for the default browser with its own icon. The problem is to maintain the newly arranged icon set on a reboot. My icon would be randomly moved to an unevenly located place. I do not know how make the icon arrangement I make stick the way they are, reducing the icons on the desktop and adding a new icon. What am I missing? Thank you a great system for millions of poor people around the world.

re icons
Username: 01micko
"Naena In 525 there is a tool to do just as you want. It's called "desksetup" and it is in the menu under, naturally enough, Desktop. You can save a custom setup. This should really have been a forum post. HTH

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