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Freememapplet tray applet

April 04, 2010 — BarryK
The 'freememapplet' was originally written by Lior Tubi. Note that the one used in Puppy 431 and recent Quirkies is different, written by me -- mine is an Xlib application, Lior's is a GTK application.

MU (Mark) modified Lior's freememapplet from a normal window application to an "eggtray" app. The window manager JWM is capable of swallowing either normal-window-apps or tray-apps in the tray, however most other trays can only swallow the latter.

I am now using Fbpanel, which is a tray that has this limitation. So, I located MU's modified freememapplet, and have placed the source here:
User: pu¶ppy Password: li¶nux

I have also created a PET package for Quirky/Tpup, with the executable named 'freememapplet_tray' to avoid a clash with the normal-window-freememapplet.
I have also modified /root/.xinitrc and /usr/sbin/delayedrun to load freememapplet_tray correctly.

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