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JWM 490

April 21, 2010 — BarryK
I recently reported on upgrading to the JWM window manager revision 489 here:

r489 fixed the problem with black icons, however there were some other issues. Dougal has reported that 490 fixes those other issues, so I have upgraded.


jwm 478
Username: 01micko
Hi Barry We are still using revision 478 April 6 in Lucid Puppy at the moment. I compiled it but it would not compile against fribidi. Same in Quirky at the time, but the Quirky version would not work in Lupu and vice versa. I will grab the 490 source and compile tomorrow for lupu. Cheers

JWM 490
Username: BarryK
"01micko, I compiled 490 with fribidi disabled. There is a simple hack to get it to compile with fribidi, I think I reported on how to do that on this blog awhile back. Note, Wary 020 will have Openbox and Fbpanel as the default, but it will also have JWM 490. But no GUI to switch over -- you will have to exit to prompt then type "xwin jwm" -- and "xwin openbox" to switch back. Username: 22 Apr 2010, 16:50
"01523"'fribidi and jwm"01micko"Yes, I disabled fribidi too in that version (478) that playdayz is using at the moment. I did report to Joe about fribidi throwing an error when 478 was first available. I will search for your hack. Grabbing wary 020 to have a look. Thanks"23 Apr 2010, 14:41"01523"'jwm-491"01micko"Joe has released 491. In Lupu we had an alt-drag bug. You couldn't drag a window, a pain for small screens. jwm-491 address this issue. Joe's site.. Cheers"4 May 2010, 8:35"01523"'slow"01micko"Ah, you already have it , I can be slow as well as well as dumb!!! :doh: :n_n:"4 May 2010, 8:40"01523"'jwm fullscreen"technosaurus"Through a bit of trial and error I may have narrowed the focus of the jwm fullscreen bug to vmax and hmax details are here: parts are in client.h,c hints.h and border.c,h & maybe others - I don't know how to fix it, but I think if hmax and vmax operations work correctly the "fullscreen" issues will be corrected"4 May 2010, 9:10"01523"'

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