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More packages for Quirky

April 30, 2010 — BarryK
Lobster commented that the 'puppy-quirky' repository is rather bare. Yes. I do hope to add some more packages soon.

Ttuuxxx has made a start here:

...I hope to upload some of ttuuxxx's PETs to the 'puppy-quirky' repo.

There was a doubt about the Gimp package that ttuuxxx compiled. Well, that was awhile ago, perhaps something has changed in Quirky that is causing a problem. Anyway, I have compiled Gimp 2.6.8 and uploaded to 'puppy-quirky' repo. This will be listed in the Puppy Package Manager with the next release of Quirky.

01micko has created an SFS of Skype. I haven't yet tested it in Quirky, but have uploaded it to:

...well, not quite. As I type this it is still uploading.

I'll bung a couple more SFSs there.


wikka pets
Username: aarf
am using coolpups latest portable opera 10.53 in q21 from aso there is portable Oo havent tried it yet"30 Apr 2010, 23:11"01550"'browsers outside pupsave"u"Installing Opera via Manual Installation I've been using that method ^ Works with ff 3.64 beta even better. Thanks for the wikka link, lots of good info there."30 Apr 2010, 24:03"01550"'skype"01micko"ok, did an ldd for skype in quirky-021 and is missing. Have you got one of those? Can't find at ibiblio. If not I have the source, just grabbing devx. Cheers"1 May 2010, 8:29"01550"'re:skype"01micko"I compiled LibXScrnSaver, only a 10K pet. Skype now works in Quirky [i]./configure --build=i486-t2-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr localstatedir=/var[/i] It's posted in the skype thread. Cheers"1 May 2010, 9:51"01550"'Screensaver pet"BarryK"01micko, Thanks for that, those PETs will be in the next Quirky. Username: 1 May 2010, 10:59
"01550"'snap2 for Quirky"lstandish"Please consider adding snap2 rotating snapshot backup program to Quirky. It uses rsync for the backup "engine" and is very powerful and easy to use, with a optional gtkdialog GUI. It is now stable/tested. The latest pet can be downloaded from The program website is at"3 May 2010, 12:27"01550"'Re Snap2"BarryK"Lloyd, I had Snap2 written down in my notebook, but it got overlooked in the flood of other stuff I have been dealing with. It won't get into Quirky 1.0, that's now frozen, but will consider for later release. Username: 4 May 2010, 17:36

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