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Opera: getting latest snapshot

April 14, 2010 — BarryK
I wanted to try the latest Opera 10.51/2, but got a bit of a run-around trying to find a download link.

For the record, go here:

...there's a link on the right side to the latest snapshot. Right now, it's 10.52, snapshot 6312, dated April 13 2010.


Font problems Opera 10.52
Username: Terryphi
I have been testing 10.52 on Linux for some time. In my opinion there are still some outstanding issues particularly poor font display at some sites. (This is recognised by the developers.) It is very fast and I'm sure the final version will be good. However, for now I would advise sticking with Opera 10.10. file date 2010-04-14
Username: aarf
" Package: portable Build: unstable, testing binary released by the Opera developers File date: 2010-04-14 from

:-) opera
Username: DC
"The best bit about the latest Opera's are that they don't require Qt library's any more. DC

there was a serious bug in opera 10.5
Username: magerlab
"There was a severe bug in opera 10.5 - no input in other languages than english so it makes browser unusable:(

Kazakhstan fans
Username: cthisbear
" Norwegian browser a Kazakh hit " The Norwegian developed Opera browser made by Opera Software has increased its market share sharply in the ex-Soviet state since it began to allow downloads of compressed web pages via a server outside the country -- a feature designed to speed browsing." Chris.

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