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Pixman: not good with JWM

April 02, 2010 — BarryK
Some people reported that upgrading pixman fixed the problem with black-background icons in JWM, however others reported that the backgrounds are transparent but the icons display "washed out".

Ok, I have a PC that exhibits this. I have compiled pixman from 0.16.2 to 0.17.2 and I get the black background. From 0.17.6 onward I get the "washed out" icons.

Not so good. GTK apps are ok. I wondered about other xlib apps, and right now I'm running Openbox and the icon top-left of the windows displays ok.

So, it's a JWM-only problem. I have been discussing this with the developer Joe and have informed him of my latest tests. Joe is puzzled, as JWM doesn't even use pixman or cairo.

For the next Quirky, I might have to use Openbox, Obconf and Fbpanel. However, I'm communicating with the developer of Fbpanel, trying to find out why the new version 6.0 won't compile. Hopefully we will resolve that.

Tags: quirky