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Puppy is on the move!

April 07, 2010 — BarryK
I'm glad that I "rattled the sabre" recently. There is now intense activity to get out some new puppies in 3 - 5 weeks.

Puppy 4.3.2
Ttuuxxx has taken this onboard. It's a lot more than just a bug-fix release though, and I think ttuuxxx will have to release it with a greater version number. This is progressing very fast:

Puppy 4.4
Technosaurus and ttuuxxx are cooperating. There is still progress on what was conceived of originally to be 4.4. I think ttuuxxx and technosaurus will have to work out what gets released officially and with what version number. Technosaurus' 4.4 thread:

Lucid Puppy 5.0
Playdayz is excited about the idea of releasing a pup based on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx packages, just days after the official release of the Ubuntu product. So, he has pulled out all the stops and it is moving ahead fast. Current release is "004", and "005" is coming very soon, with the kernel. Forum threads:

Quirky/Wary 1.0/5.0
This is the dark horse at the moment. My upcoming Quirky 018 has nothing really "quirky" about it, it's pretty much a normal puppy built from packages compiled in T2.
So, if it looks good, Quirky 018 could become a reference build of Puppy 5.0.


Username: Raffy
So how would the differences and support be? Puppy 4.4 = Updated 4.3.1 Lucid Pup = Ubuntu-based (Lucid Lynx release) Quirky/Wary 1/5 = T2 build (with new ideas) One of these would be for "public consumption" and this will be the one supported in the forum. Shall Lucid Puppy be supported mainly by Playdayz? Shall Quirky/Wary be supported mainly by you?

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