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Quirky: MESA experiment

April 13, 2010 — BarryK
For you guys who have reported issues with the video in Quirky, like a green-tinge screen, or it is just not working, try this.

If you can get it going with the 'vesa' driver, get online and run the Puppy Package Manager.

In the 'Find' box type "mesa", then download and install the mesa 7.6 pet pkg.

Edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, comment-out the "disable glx" line.

Exit to the prompt and run 'xorgwizard'

...let me know if that makes any difference.


Username: playdayz
Ha-ha, and I cut that back to be consistent with the basic Puppy. It had been my impression that including glx/dri led to greater stability especially with browser multimedia, but no evidence. Please let me know.

video weirdness
Username: playdayz
"I don't know if this is worth anything but I get that green screen if I choose 16-bit (rather than 24-bit). xorgwizard installs the radeon_drv even if radeonhd_drv is available. This is a radeon 3850. However, if I manually change xorg.conf to radeonhd, then I can use either 16 or 24 bit. And herre si the weird part, if I make and install a pet with radeonhd_drv then xorgwizard will isntall radeon_hd--that is so weird it must mean something to somebody. This is all using Lucid Pup but I think Quirky behaves the same.

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