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Quirky Puppy 021

April 29, 2010 — BarryK
This is the first release candidate, so I have prepared a preliminary detailed announcement and release notes:

Note that Woof now has a skeleton of that page, at /usr/share/doc/release-skeleton.htm, that other distro builders can customise, like I have done for the upcoming Quirky 1.0.

Get Quirky 021 from here:


Quirky 021 forum feedback
Username: BarryK
I have started a forum thread for feedback: Username: 29 Apr 2010, 9:33
"01546"'boot to desktop"aarf"have a preference for lupu113's boot to desktop. better for noobs. can it be done similarly in quirky? oh yeah, only one file quirky fallen by the wayside?"29 Apr 2010, 16:27"01546"'q21"aarf"mp4 files that failed to click open b4 are now clicking open into gnome payer' chat icon opens but goes no further. doesnt connect but it my be my current connection that is the problem. quirky menus are fuller than lupu113 but lupu is 148mb vs quirky 100mb but eve further lupu113 doest have a pre-installed proper browse??!!"29 Apr 2010, 16:47"01546"'battery monitor wlan0 refresh"aarf"mouseover the battery monitor still needs looking at. would also like a refresh button on the wireless network list in simple network setup. as it is now need to go 'back to main widow' and then hit wlan0 button again to refresh the networks"29 Apr 2010, 16:59"01546"'Network reconnect"BarryK"If you have chosen Simple Network Setup as your default connection tool, right-click on desktop 'connect' icon and there is a reconnect option in the menu. Username: 29 Apr 2010, 17:46
"01546"'signal strength"aarf"it is not about reconnect it is more about signal strength in different places that a refresh button is requested. walk/move about with the EeePc checking for the strongest signal, location differences of half a meter can be the difference between connection and no connection on low fluctuating signal strenghts. takes a while to find the best spot even in a small 3 dimensional area. other than that, the reconnect option in the menu isnt as effective in actually reconnecting as doing it from scratch again. also SNS doesnt hold signal anywhere near as well as pwireless2 in dpup484."29 Apr 2010, 18:06"01546"'Kernel Source SFS?"panzerpuppy"And where can I find the Kernel Source .SFS? It's necessary if you want to install proprietary ATI / NVIDIA drivers, the OSS sound driver or other software that compiles kernel modules during installation. Username: 29 Apr 2010, 21:53
"01546"'Kernel source"BarryK" user: puXppXy password: liXnuXx (take out the Xs) Username: 29 Apr 2010, 22:32
"01546"'Hidden ESSID"drongo"I run my home network with a hidden ESSID and a MAC address "whitelist". The simple network connection menu does not have an option for entering an ESSID. Dougal's wizard works as before."30 Apr 2010, 14:55"01546"'Re hidden essid"BarryK"Hm, yes, I guess I should put that on the to-do list. Username: 30 Apr 2010, 18:17
"01546"'encryption type"aarf"while there, a display of which type of encryption is being used by which network would also be nice"30 Apr 2010, 22:16"01546"'

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