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April 02, 2010 — BarryK
I would like to give advance notice.

The comments by ICPUG and Jota here:

...are just the most recent of on-going aggravation that I have to put up with.

A couple of years ago, I stated that in 2010 I will receive my pension and then I will wind down my involvement in the Puppy project. Well, I do now have my pension, and the wind-down will happen.

I'm retired, I don't want aggravation. One of the reasons that I started Quirky was to get away from the aggro.

I may put up a contender for Puppy 5.0, after that, Quirky will be my main thing. I will also work on Woof, but in a heavily moderated environment -- I might start a small moderated forum or maybe just a bugzilla for Woof.

I will probably create reference builds from Woof every now and then. Quirky will be one of those.

I probably won't be interacting on the main Puppy forum much.

This blog will become read-only in a couple of months.

An observation. Us developers put in considerable effort gratis, out of generosity of heart. Perhaps some might do it for fame, but my motivation is just to give something to the community, and I have a long-time desire to end the Microsoft monopoly.
There is a kind of mean-spiritedness in posts of many users, people who just take, who don't really appreciate what is done for them for free. Is this the "welfare mentality"?

Interesting, it is the aggro that actually has driven me to be more isolationist. So the critics will actually see their criticisms come true.

Actually, I can do whatever I like. I am the guy who owns the Puppy Linux name. If I decide one day to create a Puppy 6.0, I can do it. I'm in a pessimistic mood right now -- perhaps the idea of the community taking over, or even "community editions", was a bad idea. Perhaps I should remain in charge, bringing out a new Puppy occasionally.
After all, if one or more people are all that keen on creating their own Puppy, they can fork Puppy and do it.


I think you misread my posts, but...
Username: Jota
Very sorry to read your answer, Barry. My post was not a rant, I'm just trying to help. The transition 4.21 to 4.3 was just an example, not the main point. You just look for the tree, but missed the forest as a whole! I don't pretend to be right, but you are wrong Barry, very wrong! Sorry. PS: you don't need to "thinking of making this blog read-only", this will be my last post on your blog ever. This subject is already over to me. Good-bye, be happy and enjoy all the goodies life can bring to you (and anyone).

Thank you
Username: JustGreg
"I can understand your thoughts, being semi-retired. I found the pension does not go as far as I thought. I do want to thank you as a long time Puppy user for your and others efforts to make Puppy a dependable operating system. It does work well. I do hope you continue with Quirky. If you make your Blog read only, then it will be still interesting reading for me. As a volunteer in my community, I have found it is necessary to have a thick hide. But, since volunteers are doing it for free, they do not have to listen to those, who sit on the side lines. Especially, when they think they have excellent hind sight. If the side liners think their ideas are that good, then they should implement them and not expect others to do it. Thanks again for all the effort or is all the fish. Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much Enjoy life JustGreg

Username: Jemimah
"I have tried on occasion to wrap my mind around this attitude myself. I don't think the intention is mean though it feels that way when you're the developer. People are scared what they are going to do without Puppy if it dies. There's nothing else like it. Most don't have the technical skills to create their own perfect Puppy, nor do they know what really goes into it. You absolutely have to do whatever it is you find interesting at the moment. It has to stay fun for you - otherwise, why bother. I certainly will remain interested in forking your projects for a long time, probably no matter what you decide, so please keep 'em coming!

your the man
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry, I've been bug fixing/updating 4.3.1 for a release, its coming around nicely, I'm dong it so that you can stay focused on Quirky, and your 5 week self imposed deadline which you are by no means accountable for :) making this forum a read only would be a big mistake, its like a second home to many of the developers who have grown with you over the years, heck if you want maybe weed out the undesirables and then lock it, so you have just the main developers if you like. Funny what I usually dream about during the day is retiring and only working on Puppy like 16hrs a day :) for the next 40yrs, lol. If I could only win the lottery, hmmm probably would have to play it to win : If you need a break take one, :) you have a nice property from the photos, maybe work on your windmill. take care ttuuxxx P.s your many peoples hero around here.

You are the best
Username: bigpup
"Remember there will always be two types of people. The ones that are the problem and the ones that are the solution. You are the one that is the solution. You are Puppy Linux. I support anything that you do with Puppy. Please do not give up.

thank you
Username: robin850
"you have my support. the world is a better place because of Puppy and you.

Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, I appreciate the initiative. Whenever you are ready to upload stuff to ibiblio, let me know.

Do it my way
Username: BarryK
"ozsouth, Amen to that. Why wait two months? I'll disabled comments pronto.

Right !!
Username: Botanic
"i totally agree with that, and the above comments. As long as you can stay in charge, stay ! You are the one behind Puppy, and the decisions are yours. I've been away a few months, and it's cool to see that you are still so involved in the distro.

one word...Thanks!!!
Username: glb72
"Thanks for puppy and quirky. I do not post at all in the forums let alone blogs. I use quirky and puppy as well. My daughter requested that her PC would "be easy" like the one I use. I said ok. I gave her a disk and a thumb drive and she now uses her own pc, not mine. Mythbuntu was a little too interactive when the lan would not connect every time. Mom's windows machine was way too slow. The point of all this....You and the selfless developers have one 7 year old that likes a distro that is not microsoft (one of your goals). Just food for thought when aggravation sets in. once again thank you Greg"21 Jul 2010, 21:25"01464"'cheer up barry"lefto"Some people are too demented to understand that there are ways you should treat someone who spends alot of time and energy making something good and giving it freely to the world with no expectation of anything in return. I have been using puppy on and off since Game Pup 2, with periods of time where puppy wasn't feasible to use as my main distro. Every time i go more than a month or two without using puppy I am blown away by how fast it is. I shouldn't be surprised after these years, but compared to other distros I use puppy runs like a ferarri. Back when I first tried puppy I was using ridiculously obsolete hardware to run ubuntu and fedora. It was terrible how slowly they ran, I found puppy on a blog talking about the usb installation and how puppy was able to do that. After downloading several puplets and the main distro I used nothing else for almost years. To this day I am still impressed with how small and fast, yet functional it is. It single handedly proved to me what linux is capable of at a time when I was using linux because my hardware was too slow for windows. Not only did it impress me to use nothing but linux, but it also opened my mind up to an inventiveness that didn't exist before. Although it may not be feasible for my to use as my main distro anymore, I recently came upon several p3 @ p4 laptops that I plan on putting puppy on and using as the brain for a home automation/survelience system and for a robot lawnmower. I need a super lightweight distro with wifi and an x-server that can run from a cd and save changes back to the cd with no other media present on cheap disposable hardware.... There is only one choice! You shouldn't think of the jerks who defecate on your present to the world and throw it back in your face, you should think of the people like me and Greg's 7 year old kid whose live's have been affected.

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