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ROX-Filer focus bug

April 07, 2010 — BarryK
Back in November I reported a "focus" problem in ROX-Filer to their bug-reporter:

See my blog post:

Someone else also raised a bug report:

Guess what, two of their developers closed those bugs, with comment that it is "intentional behaviour". What crap! -- and they are the developers!

I wasn't able to post to closed bugs, had to open another:


rox git repo

Rox fixed
Username: BarryK
"Joy! I did get over-excited about this, but considering that I had waited since November 2009 with no response to my bug report until a few days ago, and then to have it dismissed as nothing ...yar, well, I was cheesed off. Thomas Leonard is the guru behind ROX-Filer. He created it. As I understand it, he is busy with other things these days, especially a new Python-like compiler named "Delight", but it's great that he has looked into this and fixed the Rox bug. Delight home:

ROX translations in Puppy
Username: fyujj
"Hi, Barry. I didn't report this in murga-linux but since I was reading this blog I thought maybe I could write here. I can't make ROX work in my language (pt_BR), only in English. I put a in /usr/share/locale/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES copied from my Debian systems. In Puppy's ROX-filers, up to Puppy 4, usually there's that 'Translations' page in ROX 'Options...'. It makes no difference if Portuguese is selected or if the system language is selected (when the system is set to pt_BR). Maybe there's a ROX specific folder for the translations (I may check that in their page)? In Lucid Puppy, ROX doesn't have that translation page in its options anymore but setting the system to pt_BR doesn't make any difference (I think most, if not all, the other apps that have .mo files in pt_BR work fine). Maybe you know this. Just saying.

Rox language
Username: BarryK
"You might have to get the exact language file for ROX-File version 2.9.0, which is what Quirky currently uses. Some older puppies have an older Rox. Probably if you downloaded the source package you could find it.

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