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Traytemp, Vattery 0.7

April 07, 2010 — BarryK
Jemimah has created Traytemp, a lovely CPU temperature monitor for the notification-area of the tray. Perfect for Fbpanel, so this will be in the next Quirky.

Forum thread:

I have also included Jemimah's Vattery, as well as ibam 0.5.2 that Vattery requires. This is a very nice battery monitor for the tray.

One thing, Fbpanel renders icons the full height of the tray, and I can't see any setting for a gap. It may be that the images in Vattery and Traytemp will need to be redesigned with 2-pixel transparent borders top and bottom.


Username: Jemimah
There are some batteries (the eeepc 701 is the only one I know of) that don't report a discharge rate, which confuses IBAM. In this case I have a vattery-retro version that I run instead that doesn't use IBAM - of course the "retro" version only works on acpi batteries in normal configurations, and it can't report a time estimate. It's probably possible to fix vattery so that you could get either behavior from only one applet.

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