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Woof uploaded, April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010 — BarryK
This is the version of Woof used to build Quirky 021 (1.0 release candidate).

Woof info:


very strange indeed
Username: aarf
i can connect to exactly 3 sites. google,com nothing else will open all timeout, and in seamonkey i cant even open downloaded pages on my own laptop. this very strange behavior started about an hour ago and is happening in quirky 18 dpup484 and lupu13 over two different internet connections open wifi signal and gprs."29 Apr 2010, 12:23"01547"'strange contd"aarf" makes four only. censorship in the extreme by the puppy dictatorial regime:)? happens in both seamonkey ad opera but in opera i can open local pages. while seaonkey will only open files in file:///usr/share/doc/"29 Apr 2010, 12:31"01547"'more on strange"aarf"full access using gprs on phone without using the puppy lab top so it looks to me like a puppy virus."29 Apr 2010, 12:57"01547"'even more curious"aarf"mozilla in xandros is the same it will only open the puppy sites etione above everything else times out including google. cant get into murga forum to report there so it is only here."29 Apr 2010, 14:55"01547"'strange ftp can do "aarf"not hhtp or https ah ha can do ftp in xandros to get quirky021 at speeds ranging up to a unheard of before 284KB/sec ouch it blazing."29 Apr 2010, 15:13"01547"'quirky 021 continues strange"aarf"ditto for qirky021. have the impression that govt sponsored and enacted bullet proof testing of shopping trolleys may be underway elsewhere.. "29 Apr 2010, 15:49"01547"'My first look..."smellyman"at Quirky. No internet where I am using it, but I must say, I think it looks great!"29 Apr 2010, 16:22"01547"'ungagged"aarf"Ho! full Internet access is back."29 Apr 2010, 17:03"01547"'A tiny fix"Iguleder"A small fix for the Ubuntu Lucid DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS, it's libmysqlclient16 instead of libmysqlclient15off."29 Apr 2010, 20:40"01547"'re: a tiny fix"BarryK"Iguleder, Thanks, I fixed the file in Woof. Username: 29 Apr 2010, 22:41
"01547"'What Timing . . ."SirDuncan"Yesterday I decided it was about time that I played around with Woof a bit. It finished downloading sometime late in the evening. I wake up this morning and browse to the blog to find that my download is already outdated! So instead of playing with Woof, I'm playing with Bones. Upgrade looks to be going smoothly (still applying diffs). Thanks for always sharing your cool toys Mr. Kauler!"29 Apr 2010, 23:14"01547"'woof"wombat01"Barry where is the download link for woof? I couldn't find it on the woof info page. Regards Smokey01"30 Apr 2010, 6:37"01547"'Re: Woof download"BarryK"SirDuncan, Note that when I mention a change to Woof in this blog, it is not available publicly until I announce an upload of Woof. wombat01, The Woof intro page has a heading "How to download Woof", which explains how to download Woof. Quirky and Wary already have Bones installed. Note, you should download Woof to a Linux partition with plenty of space, say 10GB. Username: 30 Apr 2010, 7:57
"01547"'timezone bugfix"01micko"Hi Barry As you probably know by now, Lupu is booting straight into X, no config options before hand. Obviously this has presented some problems. Well, hopefully, I've eliminated one of them. Users have reported that the Timezone configuration is not sticking between reboots. That is, it is reverting back to the default. "timezone-set" is being run inside an X environment in Lupu at the moment and probably Lupu will continue with that method. The "timezone=set" script works perfectly outside of X but fails to stick when X is running. I came up with a simple workaround/fix. The symlink was missing "../Etc/$ZONERETVAL" [code]#validity check... [ "`echo "$ZONEINFO" | grep "$ZONERETVAL"`" = "" ] && exit [ "`echo "$ZONERETVAL" | grep 'GMT'`" != "" ] && ZONERETVAL="Etc/$ZONERETVAL" rm -f /etc/localtime if [ "$XSTATUS" = "yes" ];then ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Etc/$ZONERETVAL /etc/localtime #fix for gui else ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/$ZONERETVAL /etc/localtime fi[/code] While the "fix" works fine inside of an X environment it is untested outside of X. I posted it on the forum in the Lupu thread I'm sure it will work for the guys testing Lupu, but am not 100% certain that it should be included in woof, though the code seems logical enough. Cheers"30 Apr 2010, 18:59"01547"'Re timezone fix"BarryK"That "fix" doesn't seem logical. /etc/localtime symlinked into /usr/share/zoneinfo/Etc/ always, is wrong. Username: 30 Apr 2010, 20:07
"01547"'re: timezone"01micko"Hmm.. ok It stumped me for hours.. note; no 'eureka'.. I hoped.. no cigar then. Perhaps it's the Ubuntu way? Um.. help? Cheers"30 Apr 2010, 21:39"01547"'timezone"aarf" works for my lupu113. after bugfix install i set time from menu>desktop>set time and date, and rebooted. on reboot, time was wrong. so then set time zone from menu>desktop>set timezone, then displayed time jumped to correct time and is now holding at correct time through reboots which it wasnt doing before. q21 doesnt have problems with times."30 Apr 2010, 22:11"01547"'re: timezone"01micko"Yes, I see what I did was dumb, ah well, we all do dumb things, it's just the frequency that varies. What it did show me though is that I broke the symlink. What does that symlink do apart from open up the gui at the set zone? I commented it's creation in the script in lupu and it works. For the life of me I can't work out why a simple symlink would bork the system. Cheers"31 Apr 2010, 6:42"01547"'real virus?"aarf"am starting to think that this virus is real. can connect consistently to wifi with no pupsave but only inconsistently with pupsave. have tried and failed to install clamav in q21 ( cant get the settings right in the config files), and xandros(reinstalled for a reason i forget, fails to see virus database) also failed to install fprot in q21 (froze during first run requiring restart on a pfix=ram so lost everything). so this is a very sneaky virus that is able to thwart ant-virus installation as well as mess wih internet connections."3 May 2010, 19:19"01547"'

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