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Bash 4.1

May 10, 2010 — BarryK
Puppy has a very old version of Bash, 1.0.16. I never upgraded as many of our scripts don't work properly with later versions. I took the easy way out.

However, today I was evaluating something that requires Bash v4, so I have created a PET package, '', uploaded here:

I named the executable 'bash4' so that when installed it won't cripple Puppy.


Username: 01micko
Hi Barry So, I gather if we want to call bash4 in our scripts to test them out the shebang would be: [i]#!/bin/bash4[/i] Correct? Please excuse my ignorance! Cheers"10 May 2010, 14:55"01573"'Bash4"BarryK"01micko, Yes. I don't know of any more elegant way of introducing bash4. What we can do is start testing our scripts with Bash4, and build up some experience about what is "wrong" with our current scripts. Then perhaps we could have a major overhaul of all of our scripts and move permanently up to Bash v4. Username: 10 May 2010, 17:33
"01573"'old bash"Dougal"That should be 3.0.16"11 May 2010, 23:42"01573"'Re Bash4"BarryK"Dougal, Ah yes, of course, 3.0.16, not 1.0.16! Username: 12 May 2010, 8:03
"01573"'no issues with Bash 4.1 here"Q5sys"I upgraded to Bash 4.1 less than a month or so ago and have had no problems with it on 4.3.1 as of yet. I had been wondering if you would upgrade the bash version with the new release you are working on. However this raises another question. Any plans on updating the rest of the GNU core utils? Or were you planning on leaving those on the versions they are currently on? v6.9 vs v8.5 I've done so on my system and can report no issues yet, however there is a size increase between the versions, and I dont know if there really is much of a benefit in it. Didnt know if you had thought about this and your opinions on it. As you're much more educated and skilled in this than I, I am curious as to your views on it."12 May 2010, 8:30"01573"'Re core utils"BarryK"I'm not sure if it was that package, probably was, I did not upgrade as they made a change that broke 'installwatch' which my 'new2dir' script uses -- we use this to make PETs when compiling and installing a package. I did experience problems with bash 4.x, and I think that others have also -- not sure who reported it, maybe zigbert. Username: 12 May 2010, 8:56
"01573"'correction on my part"Q5sys"I stand corrected... I have had 1 issue with Bash 4.1 and thats how it works with Sakura, the key mappings dont seem to work right, but in LXterm, konsole, rxvt, xterm, i dont seem to have that problem. Talked with the Sakura dev, and figured out it something on my system. I havent figured out what yet. As for the coreutils, the only reason I upgraded the coreutils myself was that I was running into a bug in the older verison of 'find' that was stopping me from compiling a few things. i've done a fair amount of compiling on my system, and havent run into any issues yet... but then again Im doing everything manually and not using any scripts like the one you were mentioning. Thanks for the info though, when I get time i'll look a bit closer to see if Ive got any other conflicts. btw, im still learning puppy (and loving it so far) so take everything I say with a grain of salt. :)"12 May 2010, 9:23"01573"'

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