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May 07, 2010 — BarryK
Occasionally I receive an invitation to be someone's friend on Facebook, Netlog, etc. I am posting this message just to let everyone know that I have always had a policy of declining such offers.

Nothing personal, don't be offended. I decided to make it a blanket rule, no exceptions.

If you want to be someone's friend, this lass is the violinist on Hey Hey It's Saturday: was mentioned on the last show that she has a social networking page and a thousand or so guys have asked to be her "friend".

Hey Hey It's Saturday is on every Wednesday night here in Australia:


aint it tough to have a reputation
Username: aarf
to keep intact. "I have always had a policy of declining such offers." anonymity is worth its weight in gold . the mass media will never tell you that when they are stealing it from you."7 May 2010, 22:28"01565"'so-called social networking is nuts"stray"I'm with you.. been a heavy internet user since before the advent of the WWW (which I thought dumb since gopher was just fine.. and dumber and dumber it's got to where now it's Adobe Flash!) ... decided to never use my real name, knowing full well the security problems inherent in computing. And anyone giving their name, whereabouts, and especially their whole network of friends, colleagues and unencrypted communications between such.... man, it floors me how ignorant people are as to who their entrusting this to.. some upstart Corporation that just exists to get bought out by some yet-unknown megaconglomerate someday! The repeated lapses at the now-seemingly-respectful smallish companies like Facebook should be adequate indication as to what folly this is.. but nowadays people seem to have lost any love of privacy in favor of fame/popularity worship. I think it has to do with the crap that's on TV these days, which I long since quit watching. (I tried an Aussie Kids' channel on PupTelly though, learned about frogs and loved it.. what a contrast to dreck from The States!) Seriously, people could network with their own websites and utilise "nym" servers and do GPG data over Usenet/IRC/whatever... they've just been dumbed down to ignore privacy concerns in favor of centralized corporate control. As for the Twitter phenom, there's in fact a GPL version of such software, Laconica, which one can see deployed at"9 May 2010, 4:34"01565"'Puppy Page"DrOwl"Why not set up a official Puppy fan page, that way 'you' get the benefit, but not the friends!"10 May 2010, 16:04"01565"'

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