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JWM is back

May 09, 2010 — BarryK
Reports are that Joe's latest JWM, revision 492, is very good. There was a problem with the Dillo window not displaying, which is now fixed.

JWM is just that little bit snappier than Openbox and Fbpanel, so I am reverting. The next release of Quirky will have JWM.

I have also thrown in SGTT, a very basic time-tracker application:

Jemimah found SGTT and also some other little time utilities:

...I have only checked out SGTT so far.


Username: tom4jean
To me JWM is "Classic Puppy" and I have always prefered it. Will be very glad to have it back in Quirky. "9 May 2010, 11:43"01569"'Wary update?"Terryphi"I'm glad to hear JWM is coming back. Slightly off topic: will there be an updated Wary or was it a one-off experiment?"9 May 2010, 14:47"01569"'JWM+Rox+Thunar?"Raffy"JWM has always delivered speed since I've used your distro. It might be good to include a Win-explorer-like file manager like Thunar, very useful to frayed nerves of Win refugees."9 May 2010, 23:43"01569"'defaultfilemanager"TazOC"Yes, Raffy, with Lighthouse Pup I've had some requests for other file managers including Thunar so I've begun using a defaultfilemanager in /usr/local/bin and referencing that instead of rox in scripts. ROX-Filer is still the default and my preference, however the idea is to give anyone a quick way to switch over to their preferred file manager."10 May 2010, 24:00"01569"'JWM loses network and free space icons"Terryphi"I have tried the JWM pet but using JWM I have no icons for free space or network connection at the bottom right."12 May 2010, 14:19"01569"'

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