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Keyboard layout bugfix

May 20, 2010 — BarryK
Took awhile, but I found why "pkeys=uk" boot parameter was not working. There were two bugs, acting together to make fixing it difficult. The bugs do also affect other layouts.

There was a syntax error in the 'init' script, that flagged an error when there was none. The 'uk' layout does in fact load ok.

Later on, when X has loaded, there is a reversion to 'us' layout. In certain circumstances. I put some extra code into /usr/bin/xwin to fix this.

As the fixes required a change to initrd.gz, it will have to wait until the next release of Quirky and Lupu.


"...fixes required a change to initrd.gz, it will have to wait..."
Username: Sage
As the Puppy following in the motherland is so very strong, recommend that the fix be issued immediately, not least to avoid guilt by association with you-know-who. Why not just upload the new initrd.gz with a cursory reference to the re-modelling how-to already present? All the effort would appear to have been done; the keenest can then complete the task. "20 May 2010, 14:13"01605"'hwclock"superchook"When you do changer initrd.gz would it be possible to incorporate the changes eequivalent to those provided by Pizzasgood in this thread? cheers, Ken Username: 21 May 2010, 6:50

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