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Monitor probe bug

May 01, 2010 — BarryK
Right now I'm testing Quirky on various PCs that I have, with odd combinations of hardware. One of them has a plug-and-play monitor, but when the Xorg Wizard executes the 'ddcprobe' application to probe the monitor, it returns some weird information.

It returns a 'manufacture:' field but with different values each time. This causes the Xorg Wizard to rerun every time Quirky is booted, as /usr/bin/xwin thinks there is a different monitor from before.

I have fixed this. Modified scripts /usr/bin/xwin and /usr/sbin/xorgwizard.


Username: Raffy
Just noticed that behavior in 4.3.1 the past few days in AOC monitor. Must be the name of manufacturer - could be in Chinese (non-ASCII?)."1 May 2010, 20:47"01556"'learning curve speeded up "userx1b4x11"awesome , iam trying puppys out on all diff desktops and lap net books or whatever, gos,xpud, got an old fuji 735dx with quirky 100 and it works , havin lil trubl conecting , but being a newbie i will lean how to do it, my concern is how to install to a sdmmc , puppy is mt favorite distro, i was a dsl fanatic for a while , puppy is my best friend,i am serious, lots of ez development options etc. its attrractive for a novice linux user and anyone can afford a flash drive, 2gig plety for a complete doitall system , heh its quirky hense hense the name i assume, flawless basic operatin just off the live, and save config in apupsave ,d:)m engeneuos especially if a old spinner is ded:)back on in 20 min or so, my puppy revives it with small flash drives it is runnin on ace55hund series runs off a 16gb flash all partioned up half for linux with puppy sda1 and pcminizen on sda3 swap is takin up 500 gonna trya and just have swap on the sdmmc soon and 1000 for puppy. Puppy is a tol and an op sys this is obvious , it is everything i need, entertainment,streeaming cmon who cant resist a puppy with those eyes an all lol, big thanx crew and notwithout saying thanx Barry:)"15 Jun 2010, 15:23"01556"'

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