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Multi-boot Puppy CD

May 02, 2010 — BarryK
This afternoon I have been developing a multi-boot Puppy CD, and after Quirky 1.0 is released, I will be selling a CD that boots either Puppy 4.3.1 or Quirky 1.0.

The CD also has OpenOffice, Skype and the 'devx' (for both 4.3.1 and Quirky) SFS's. For now, it also has the source SFS file, but later I might offer a third puppy at bootup, and there will not be room for any kernel source SFSs.

I also wrote a script, on the CD, for creating a single-boot CD of the preferred Puppy. That is, you can create a new ISO file that boots only Quirky 1.0 or Puppy 4.3.1, eliminating the bootup menu to choose one. A single-boot CD is also better for using the Universal Installer and CD-remaster tools.

In the future I might also offer another CD with other puppies on it. Maybe also a developer's CD.


Username: I will be
I will be selling??? a linux distro??? uhhhh!"2 May 2010, 22:00"01557"'Net the Distro the CD!"tom4jean"Barry has always sold low cost cd's $9-10 with Puppy on them. He is not "Selling the distro" but the cd. The cost goes to production, shipping and a small amount left over to pay for the websites, servers, etc... Very much a standard thing to do for Linux distros that helps support them. Remember Linux is free like beer, not FREE. It costs a lot to do what he does and I am sure he looses more money than he gets back. He takes contributions too if you maybe would like to help if you have benefited from Puppy and all the hard work that goes into it? "2 May 2010, 22:40"01557"'platinum CD"aarf"''Before I ever had a multi-platinum selling CD.. ''"2 May 2010, 24:47"01557"'Selling"escucha"Don't understand any difference from free (as beer) and FREE (in capitals),same letters. All of you benefit the hard work in kernel. OK. I see is selling CD's!"2 May 2010, 24:56"01557"'Each time pioneering"Raffy"Thanks, Barry. I understand that each time you release a distro, that it has pioneering features. Is it accurate to tell users to "Just boot it and read the wizards and help" if ever they go around asking for help? Will you put up a site for reporting problems in Quirky? As to kernel sfs, I guess many devs (esp. aspiring new ones) will be grateful for a kernel sfs and a "how to build your own kernel". With ARM-powered laptops being sold now, some users may just try building kernels for their own ARM-powered machine."3 May 2010, 7:46"01557"'Selling CD"BarryK"It also needs to be pointed out that all puppies, packages, SFS files, etc are provided free for download. The CD is sold at a nominal price for those on dialup who are otherwise left out as they can hardly download anything. Also, some people may have broadband but appreciate the convenience of getting everything ready-to-go and pre-burnt on a CD. The FSF GPL licenses allow for selling of bundled products at a nominal price. Some vendors of course push this to the limit, throw in a little printed manual or whatever then charge considerably more than 'nominal'. But, that's what you are paying for, the printed manual, the packaging, extra documentation, CD manufacture and postage costs, any other non-gpl related costs. Of course, we all know this. But there are always the open source fanatics who gasp at the very mention of paying money. Username: 3 May 2010, 8:26
"01557"'A Cunning Plan Black Adder."cthisbear" ď Of course, we all know this. But there are always the open source fanatics who gasp atthe very mention of paying money.ď Ah! So thatís the plan BK. Now you want to make money too. I mean you've always been in it for the glory. All those conferences you've been invited to. Wined and dined around the world. I must Google for your Mac Mansion in Penjori. There it is cunningly hidden behind trees Probably has a wine cellar and a theatre in the inner Sanctum and an olympic pool out the back. Next youíll be writing Sc-fi books and then starting up something like RLH. Iím glad that you pointed this out escucha. Weíll all be watching this venture capitalist now. Chris. Username: 3 May 2010, 11:11
"01557"'The Role of Quirky"perthie"Barry, could you please describe the role of Quirky in the Puppy family? Are you releasing it as a general-purpose successor to Puppy 4.3.1? Or is it still an experimental, reduced-driver distro? How will newcomers choose between the two?"4 May 2010, 4:59"01557"'Re: perthie"fyujj""4 May 2010, 5:42"01557"'Bleeding-edge core"Raffy"Perhaps it can be called "the bleeding edge core" build by Barry, which the community (or anyone) can use for releasing a puplet or a CE. In this sense, I would love to see the single file (embedded in the kernel) feature and some how-to in building the user's own additional drivers."4 May 2010, 7:49"01557"'Spoilt by Choice?"saif"For those guys concerned about paying... The choice is yours, a) download it for free, use it and redistribute (even sell it) and contribute nothing OR b) do the above and contribute. It is the freedom that you get either copy, sell, use...and contribute. Frankly the fact that you get a CD is immaterial, unless you can not download. A strategy that values the contributions of the other coders and testers would be nice, but Barry is the inventor and from this blog it is obvious he works very hard at it still."7 May 2010, 3:27"01557"'I want True Mozilla Firefox & Opera"AsuCilik"I'm Internet addict. Loving your 2fs encription. Never using OpenOffice. I hope you customize puppy linux with various browsers. sometimes, pet apps not complete. I think you understand me, Barry. Thanks for great job. Regards from Indonesia! Username: 17 May 2010, 16:39

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