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network_tray 2.3

May 28, 2010 — BarryK
The Quirky 1.2rc that is currently uploading (ETA 17 hours from now) has network_tray 2.2, that I thought had a bugfix -- but it wasn't fixed.

Version 2.3 fixes it as intended.

Also, I have made the .xpm icons external, /usr/local/lib/X11/mini-icons/network*.xpm, which is convenient as anyone can customise the icons. It also makes them available to be used elsewhere.

I'll upload the PET and source tomorrow.


Username: technosaurus
each tray applet seems to require loading all gtk deps into memory... for older PCs it really adds up, if all of the trays were combined side by side using vboxes, it could make a pretty big difference - Running with no options would display all applets or pass a parameter such as --net for only net [code]if ( argc>1 && ! strEqual(argv[1],"--net") ) { ...[/code] It may not work as well in a side menu - I guess that would have to use hboxes. I'll have to have a hack at the sources once they are uploaded."28 May 2010, 13:03"01622"'Director"GCMartin"[b]I am posting this here because I am unsure where to specifically post this. Please save and remove it Barry because it's specific.[/b] Barry, I have followed your masterful work over the past years. I commend you on your achievement(s). You are a credit to mankind and to Linux in your efforts. I am NOT a drum beater denouncing any OS. I am a realist who attempts to look at the OS community from an integration standpoint. Microsoft continues to be the leader in desktops with over 90% worldwide. Puppy/Quirky is a growing entity in the Linux community. My look at the Puppy forums suggest that the community is still one of Linux users and some NOOBs who want to see what the Linux hoopla is about. Understanding this, I looked at what would be the greatest growth hormone for your product. I have over 40 years of experience in Managing Networks and communities of users on LANs via servers. You may not care to hear my findings, but, I believe that you could benefit. There are 3 things that I see which would propel your community (although you may NOT want skyrocketed growth of converts from Microsoft to your products). The Helpers to make it easy for Microsoft users to move to embrace Quirky are 3 simple features. 1. Ability to “merge” into the LAN, heretofore a Microsoft environment. ([b]SAMBA[/b]) 2. Ability for Quirky users to “connect” to Microsoft Desktop server products. ([b]RDP client[/b]) 3. Ability for remote access to Quirky desktop ([b]XRDP[/b]). I am NOT a developer. I have never done a PET. But, I am helpful in producing documentation that would guide an administrator/user to use Quirky in a straight forward, easy fashion such that embracing it into a Microsoft LAN is simple and easy. I would like to offer my help in matching a document (or forum) to make it easy for MS users to not only find information on these topics, but to easily guide their use. I would equate this to scoring the winning goal. To do so, I need help and guidance from you (and not necessarily personally from you). I want to do this consistent with what you expect from a PET developer, if needed. It should be easy for you to follow so that if you should desire to include it in your work (future releases), it could easily absorbed into whatever future packaging you may want. And, I want it match your approval on its need. [b]Item I - a Quirky document needed[/b] For the SAMBA piece, I want to produce a Quirky document (or forum) that instructs how to setup Quirky so that it inserts easily into a MS network and “looks” like any other MS PC user. That is, it has the proper network name; it has a userID that is consistent with MS network userIDs; is easy to share folders with MS LAN users; and to be a Print Spooler for any Printers that may be attached to the local PC. [b]Item 2 - a Quirky document needed[/b] For RDP connections, I can help with a document to connect to a MS Terminal Server (2008 Server, System7 Pro, Vista Pro, 2003 Server, XP Pro, 2000 Server, 2000, and ANY Linux Machine which is running XRDP) These 2 documents needs are probably very obvious in the benefits it would provide any user (beginner or advanced) in using Quirky. [b]Item 3 - an addition and a Quirky document needed[/b] The not so obvious entry is XRDP and why. Answer: An administrator can login and get a Quirky GUI desktop 9ie. LXDE, KDE, JWM, GN..., etc) to remotely to add, adjust, or setup a running Quirky system from a Microsoft Windows machine without the need to install ANYTHING ON THE WINDOWS Machine. ALL MS OS’s since Windows 2000 have the RDP desktop client built-in to Windows (you don’t install anything. its there to use all the time). In essence, a Windows user can login to Quirky and use the full Puppy system as if he was physically at the Quirky console. Now, with these 3 things making it easy to embrace Quirky in a Microsoft LAN, you will find a significant flock of new Microsoft users jumping onto Quirky. And, a new critical mass will propel a complete new generation of growth, in Linux because of Quirky innovation. If you feel that there is worth in this, please give me guidance so that it is consistent with what you expect to see. Thanks. We are here to help.....George P.S. I saw your position (“What Quirky is not”) at AND I understand it. This, though, is merely an offer to contribute from me...nothing more."29 May 2010, 2:23"01622"'network_tray 2.3 uploaded"BarryK"The PET is here: The source is here (network_tray-2.3.tar.gz): Username: 29 May 2010, 8:23
"01622"'network_tray"BarryK"Note, the latest is 2.3.2. Username: 2 Jun 2010, 11:57
"01622"'network_tray"ttuuxxx"Hi Barry I took your network tray and changed the icons and changed the left click to launching connectwizard app, since if a new users sees a [b]X[/b] on the tray icon he/she might click on it to see if they can connect, but the way you had it, it would just give system info, the way I changed it they could simply set it up. also I was wondering if your going to add a right click for "Quit" like blinky had. sources for the one I altered with newer icons and wizard launching is located at ttuuxxx"29 Jun 2010, 20:21"01622"'re network_tray"BarryK"ttuuxxx, Thanks for that, I have just now downloaded it. Username: 29 Jun 2010, 21:36

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