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Pburn 3.2.4

May 01, 2010 — BarryK
Have upgraded to zigbert's latest CD/DVD burner app.

Well, it's the last few days before Quirky 1.0 will be released, unless some show-stopper bug turns up. Concentrating on tidying things up and fixing bugs now, no more package upgrades unless essential.


Username: 01micko
Remember the last time you upgraded Pburn? 5 minutes later there was a new version... well it's happened again. 3.2.5 is out. Cheers"1 May 2010, 19:42"01554"'Pburn 3.2.5"BarryK"Ok, I have upgraded. Username: 1 May 2010, 21:35
"01554"'pburn"ttuuxxx"lol Hi Barry in your left hand menu under Latest Entries the fonts used have a spacing issue, It looks like pbum the "r" & "n" are missing a space separator. [img][/img] actually most of the menu fonts are too close together, funny I never noticed that before. ttuuxxx"3 May 2010, 6:57"01554"'

Tags: quirky