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May 05, 2010 — BarryK
Off to a good start with the forum feedback thread for Quirky 1.0, things that can be improved/fixed for 1.0.1. I will probably also release a Service Pack PET for 1.0.

But, taking a little break from Quirky. Right now I'm downloading Lucid Puppy 115, see if I can contribute finding/fixing bugs.

Lucid is moving ahead fast:


Username: playdayz
Thank you. Good timing. Username: 5 May 2010, 23:43
"01561"'drive icon issue"paldyayz"The "drive icon" problem would be the one that most requires your expertise I think. 01micko has posted on it. What I have found on my test machines is that on first boot directly to the desktop the icons are in good order. If I use the "Keyboard and Video Resolution Setter" to change resolution then the icons can come back on top of each other. Otherwise there are small things that I would not mind releasing with, such as that Abiword prints to cups_pdf but sometimes graphics come as black box. However, Abiword can print good pdf as Print to file. If you find 'em, I will fix 'em. Best. Username: 5 May 2010, 24:00
"01561"'content issue"stray"huge thanks, Barry for all your work, first and foremost! This isnt a bug report, but a quick political rant.. seeing as Puppy is rightly getting many downloads these days via distrowatch etc., and these power-packed ~100M gems are getting widely distributed.. I want to take issue with some of the content presets found in PupTelly/PupRadio. A marvellous bit of scripting by micko definitely, but so much linking to Rupert Murdoch's product is bothersome. This is a guy who is quite antithetical to freedom on the net let alone free software.. famous for carping about how everyone should start paying for content! And even though it might be a kids channel, the far right-wing (Moonie?) nature of his empire surely creeps into the message, noticably or not. Plus, the feed URLs that ship built-in are generally super-high bandwidth.. which is great for people with modern hw and fat connections, but I kind of like the Puppy tradition of defaulting to aging hw etc. .. So I've been working up a list of consistently non-broken links, including opensource-loving producers (i.e. political progressives.) Hard to pick just ten though for PupRadio's layout.. maybe if it were augmented slightly to do submenus (genres) as was the case with gXine's pulldown presets... (gxine's links having been 85% non-functional for years having prompted me to start working on this many months ago.. alas, I've just been rediculously busy..) So give me a deadline for the servicepack, and I'll come up with something! Cheers, stray Username: 6 May 2010, 3:12
"01561"'Alt streams"BarryK"Yes, sure, come up with a more politically-neutral list and I'll see about putting it in. Username: 6 May 2010, 8:15
"01561"'icon bug"01micko"Hi Barry Thanks for helping out with Lupu bugs! I have been trying to solve the icon bug and have stumbled upon an age old bug with Puppy, that is drive icons don't reappear nicely when you change resolution with xorgwizard, well at least not for me any way, any Puppy I've tried since I've been a user, almost 2 years. My post and suggested fix is on the forum Well that is the Lupu 'fix' for icons after a pupsave is made but that block of code is from /usr/sbin/xorgwizard line 253 I think it is correct, but you know my track record! (lol) Cheers Username: 6 May 2010, 18:30
"01561"'Realign icons"BarryK"There is a "standard" way to realign the icons. If you look in Desktop --> Desktop drive icons manager, there is a "Tick box to erase then redraw icons". That has a technique that any script can use. Look in /usr/sbin/eventmanager, this code: [ "$NEWICONWIPE" = "true" ] && echo "ICONWIPE" > /tmp/pup_event_icon_change_flag #v411 Script /sbin/clean_desk_icons is executed in /root/.xinitrc and reads the above file. The icons will get redrawn when X starts. Username: 7 May 2010, 8:07
"01561"'Text in first-boot window"BarryK"On the first boot of Lupu, in the window that comes up, frame "Keyboard and video layout", the text says: "it will also allow you to choose an alternate driver for Intel video chips" In the latest Woof, the Xorg Wizard allows you to choose any other driver, so more appropriate text would be: "it will also allow you to choose an alternate video driver" Username: 7 May 2010, 8:27
"01561"'QuickPET"BarryK"Hey, QuickPET sure is nice! 01micko, I think you are the brains behind that, congrats on a nice app! Username: 7 May 2010, 8:30
"01561"'re: Realign icons"01micko"Hi Barry, Yes. That is exactly what I have done, set the flag so clean_desk_icons is executed. Seems to work nicely. Thanks for the comment on Quickpet. Cheers Username: 7 May 2010, 12:08
"01561"'suspend and hibernate"aarf"puppeee's suspend and hibernate functions could also be given new homes?"7 May 2010, 18:04"01561"'will make up a streamlist this weekend"stray"ok Barry, great.. have continued to be too danged busy, but will make time in next couple days! So many to choose from.. I've been a "radiohead" since before a band took that name.. then internet streams came out, and wow. And now theres podcasts too (I'm hoping to code an app around managing one's downloading/streamripping alongside their time budgeting.. have gathered code snippets and welcome you-all's input.) Is it still the case that Mplayer (good riddance, gxine, I guess!) ships without any bookmarks/presets in these latest .iso's? .. seems that might provide a chance to have a treed structure of a few dozen stations, vs. the 10 each for pupRadio and pupTelly which I'll have a hard time whittling it down to. To be democratic about it though, everyone mail me with whatever you think needs to be included! ps. some idea-generating sources to open your minds plenty wide include (College genre is fun) plus, VLC has a stream-discovery function that's cool Much obliged, & happy weekend."8 May 2010, 5:29"01561"'

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