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powerapplet_tray 2.2

May 17, 2010 — BarryK
powerapplet_tray is a battery monitor tray applet that I wrote. Quirky currently has version 2.1.

It was reported on the Lupu 5.0 forum bugs thread that the battery tray applet blinks when the battery is low, even when it is charging -- which is an annoyance factor.

Lupu uses Jemimah's Vattery applet, however it occurred to me that my powerapplet_tray has the same annoyance. So, I fixed it, the icon will only flash if charge is less than 10 percent and battery is not charging.

I have uploaded it to:


Username: disciple
The powerapplet shows up on my desktop PC, which seems a bit silly. Is this intentional? It isn't supposed to try to detect whether or not it is needed?"19 May 2010, 7:43"01599"'re powerapplet not needed"BarryK"I'll check that. It isn't supposed to. Username: 19 May 2010, 8:23
"01599"'Powerapplet_tray and APM"BarryK"I just checked the code. For an ACPI system, it does check for existence of a battery, if none then exits. However, the APM code is not properly developed. It doesn't exit if no battery. I need to develop this further on an APM system. Username: 19 May 2010, 8:39
"01599"'powerapplet_tray error"peebee"I have a HP550 laptop. It should display a battery indicator but this has been missing in all puppies since 4.3.1 (lupu, wary, quirky, squeze/dpup) under jwm The diagnostics are: After powerapplet_tray in /root/startup is run /var/log/messages says: Sep 20 16:50:42 puppypc user.notice powerapplet: Abort, unable to open /proc/acpi/battery/---/info I do have a file /proc/acpi/battery/C23B/info which says present: yes design capacity: 4112 mAh last full capacity: 4112 mAh battery technology: rechargeable design voltage: 10800 mV design capacity warning: 206 mAh design capacity low: 42 mAh capacity granularity 1: 100 mAh capacity granularity 2: 100 mAh model number: Primary serial number: 15935 2009/02/09 battery type: LIon OEM info: Hewlett-Packard Thanks Peter

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