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Pzchmview 1.0d

May 24, 2010 — BarryK
PANZERKOPF created a neat little MS CHM help file viewer:

This is in Quirky 1.1, however uses the full SeaMonkey browser and has to kill any prior running instance of SM. Not good.

However, I have found another use for the little Surfer HTML viewer. Surfer introduced here:

Forum member jrb posted about a tweak required for Pzchmview mime handling, which prompted me to see if Surfer works with Pzchmview. I tried three .chm files -- success!

The latest Pzchmview, using Surfer if it exists:

If anyone wants to use Surfer in another puppy, you will need these packagse: 'helpsurfer', 'libgtkhtml' from my ibiblio Quirky repo.

Tags: quirky