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May 12, 2010 — BarryK
Forum member PANZERKOPF has created a neat little viewer for MS CHM help files, named PZCHMView.

It wasn't working in Quirky with SeaMonkey 2.0.4, and I got a bit confused about the reason why.

SM 2.0.4 seems to have a more efficient mechanism for running multiple instances of itself -- it runs one instance only. If I was to type this on the commandline, running the binary executable directly to avoid all other factors:

# /usr/lib/seamonkey/seamonkey-bin file:///usr/share/doc/index.html

...if there is already an instance of SM running then the above operation works but as a separate process and there is an immediate return to the prompt.

It's not too good, but I have to kill the running instance of SM first. I have modified the 'pzchmview' script accordingly, it now works in Quirky.

Here is PANZERKOPF's forum thread:

Tags: quirky