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SeaMonkey: eliminate Flash player?

May 29, 2010 — BarryK
This post from forum member gonkbag is very interesting:

I posted that there is a version of Greasemonkey for SM 2.x -- see above link. However, it doesn't seem to have made it into the Mozilla download repo yet:

I don't know about the other ones, 'unplug', etc.

Interesting project for someone, see if you can get Flash playing working in Quirky 1.2rc without the Adobe player (/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins).


flash is not only for youtube
Username: jamesbond
Well, flash is used not only for youtube. The workarounds seems to be specifically designed for youtube. Videos from other sites may not play, let alone games etc. But interesting experiment nonetheless :)"29 May 2010, 17:51"01626"'

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