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Triple-boot Puppy CD

May 16, 2010 — BarryK
I mentioned recently that I created a dual-boot Puppy CD, with Puppy 4.3.1 and Quirky 1.0:

Now it is a triple-boot CD, with Puppy 4.3.1, Lucid Puppy 5.0 and Quirky 1.1.

I have updated the download page:

There is a nominal price of $9 or $5.99 for repeat orders, and that includes international postage.

Note, I don't make much profit, it doesn't really cover the time involved to process each order. I get 3 - 5 orders per week, sometimes dipping down to 1 or even none, sometimes as high as several CDs just after a good review or something. So, I usually have to make a special trip to the post office just to post one CD (a customs declaration has to be filled in and a sticker attached stating that my identity is verified -- this is a legal requirement here in Australia).

...I mention this so that everyone knows that I'm not raking in huge amounts of cash from CD sales.


Username: aarf
do you autograph them?"17 May 2010, 5:20"01598"'Link not There??"cthisbear" I cannot see an exact link BK for this. I have searched by today and yesterdays date, the 2nd and 3rd of May date, and obviously the size as well. It is for download as well right?? Sorry to be Mr Thickie today. Regards...Chris."17 May 2010, 7:55"01598"'confused"mutt"um, why am I running 4.32? I remember it came out, so I "upgraded", then lately noticed Official website saying "latest verion is 4.31". I don't have time to sift through the forums to try and figure this out. Username: 17 May 2010, 8:07
"01598"'Releases"BarryK"No, the triple-boot CD is almost 700MB, no way am I going to upload that. All of the individual puppies and SFS files are available for download. Puppy 4.3.2 was never "released". There was only an experimental 4.3.2. I think ttuuxxx was going to work on it to bring it out as an official release, but that didn't happen -- I think probably because he thought it was clashing with the 4.4 project. Username: 17 May 2010, 8:20
"01598"'Upload speed"BarryK"Note, my upload speed is, at best, 10KB/sec. But anyway, there is no point, as I have stated, in uploading the triple-boot CD. Username: 17 May 2010, 8:23
"01598"'Ship it to Wombat?"01micko"Hi Barry Maybe Wombat01 (smokey01) wouldn't mind hosting it in his new server space. Of course I'm not speaking for him, just a thought. Cheers"17 May 2010, 15:17"01598"'Compilations"Sage"[i]"nominal price of $9"[/i] Is that US$ or A$? Either way, grossly underpriced at 6 or 4.50, resp. Business or no-business, it's not reasonable to run at an (obvious) loss. A$10 would seem to be a minimum based on what you say. Notwithstanding, it's a too early for LUPU to be included (cf endless problems on Forum), even if it is an excellent concept. Perhaps consider a more ambitious DVD compilation of proven own baseline distros together with proven and enduring* derivatives like NOP, Box, Lighthouse, etc. Would take longer to prepare (?) but could sell for ~A$25 to reflect the extra effort. Would also create greater exposure for the breed. * ie those that have and are receiving continuous support. "17 May 2010, 16:23"01598"'Wealthy Puppy."capoverde"Well, so what would be wrong if you were [i]"raking in huge amounts of cash"[/i]? You'd just get (at last!) some material reward for the huge amount of top-level brainwork you've put into Puppy; surely everyone would find it to be a correct consequence of the worldwide appreciation of your unique idea. Only your own free decision to stay safely away from any hint of greed-inducing wealth can keep the creator of Puppy Linux burning CDs himself and going to the Post Office to send them at an obvious loss. [i]You[/i] decide whether it makes sense! [i]There's much more in Puppy Linux than just smart coding[/i] (IMHO)."17 May 2010, 20:55"01598"'Rock on Barry!"Flymo"Well done mate! What a regular deluge of highly interesting Puppy variants emerging like, err.... puppies? <grin> Seriously skilled work. And.... So far the only distro tried (of many) that seamlessly plays the UK ITV catch-up site is Lupu. Seriously well done. Ben"17 May 2010, 22:15"01598"'Not a business"BarryK"Sages, It isn't a business, it's a [i]service[/i] for people on dialup. Username: 18 May 2010, 8:35
"01598"'Not a business"Sage"Exactly my point! But not a charity either?"18 May 2010, 12:28"01598"'Donate"DrOwl"Sage, Barry does have a Donate by paypal link, so if you want to donate but not buy a CD you can... (or do both ;)"18 May 2010, 20:10"01598"'re 4.3.2"stray"ah yes, thanks for clarifying Barry.. that explains why I downloaded upon seeing it: over time I have come to trust ttuuxxx to produce nothing but quality stuff. Been running 432 quite awhile, plenty solid! Huge thanks to the community for getting this far!"23 May 2010, 4:02"01598"'

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