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You2pup broken

May 12, 2010 — BarryK
Bm reported on both the Quirky 1.0 and Lupu 117 forum threads that You2pup is broken.

I have confirmed, it is broken for me to in Quirky 1.0. It was working before.

Has something changed at Quirky 1.0 has You2pup 1.3-1, so I installed 1.3-2 from here: difference, still broken.

Is it broken on other puppies? I hope it is not just a Quirky/Lupu thing.

I posted a report in the you2pup thread in the forum, will also send a pm to the creator trio.


Username: aarf
had it working a few days ago i think it was quirky but also got the response you posted at that thread today. my guess is utube has been fiddling with its site. "12 May 2010, 19:21"01583"'YouTube Fiddling"ICPUG"YouTube seem to be fiddling with their site a lot recently. In March there was a major kerfuffle which stopped all the copycats (kickyoutube, etc.) The copycats have slowly worked round the change but I read somewhere that Youtube had been making other changes recently. YouTube seem to do this on a regular basis so nice though you2pup is I guess its functionality may suddenly stop without explanation"12 May 2010, 20:03"01583"'utube"aarf"over the years all past utube downloaders have failed after a time. was wonerding why u2pet was lasting 4 so long."12 May 2010, 20:16"01583"'you2pup"ajbibb"I noticed it not working when I tried Quirky 1.0, so I then booted 4.3.1 and tried downloading the same file. Ended up with the same failure so I assumed it was a YouTube problem, not a Quirky problem. In the forum there is a posting in the you2pup thread about making a change to a single line in the you2pup script, although the author then appears to have updated his post saying never mind - the change does not work. I tried the change anyway to see what would happen and my download then succeeded. "12 May 2010, 22:02"01583"'Windows YouTube downloader"D2R"Message on YouTube Downloader web site March 31 - YouTube has turned on the new video player page for all users today. Download version 2.5.4 to fix the "no flash video found" error caused by the new video player page in the old version of YouTube Downloader. Please read the FAQ for more information on that error and the new player page. Looks like there has been some changes at YouTube."13 May 2010, 21:32"01583"'

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