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June 06, 2010 — BarryK
I have compiled this kernel in Quirky. The PET is available here:

...note however, this PET can only be used with the latest Woof, as I have moved the /etc/modules/firmware.dep. file and all the firmware tarballs out of the kernel PET into Woof.

The source is here:


kernel support
Username: 8-bit
What would the kernel size have been if the modules had been included? I ask because of just jumping through hoops to get my Realtek RCL8191SE wireless device to work with Puppy 5.00. I ended up using ndiswrapper and a win2000 driver even though the specs on the kernel said that wireless device had kernel support."6 Jun 2010, 10:34"01648"'Re kernel modules"BarryK"The kernel modules are in the PET. Username: 6 Jun 2010, 12:11
"01648"'With Lupu?"playdayz"Should it work with Lucid Puppy? The latest development/testing release uses the Woof posted on June 5. Thanks. Username: 6 Jun 2010, 23:08
"01648"'kernel"jemimah"I just got through reviewing your kernel when I was building it for Fluppy. I have a couple suggestions and notes. It appears you enabled hyperthreading support in this kernel. Thank you. Next time you compile, could you enable support for hibernation? Since you have suspend working, you might as well have hibernation. I've got scripts for it in Fluppy and Puppeee. It works just like suspend - all the user needs to do to get it to resume is a small modification to the bootloader. Have you considered testing with the "low latency" PREEMPT scheduler? Application performance seems noticeably faster to me. "Low Latency Desktop" seems to be a pretty fair description of what you are trying to accomplish with Puppy. I also wonder if the rfkill issues have been fixed in I had problems with one my my laptops on, but it doesn't work great with rfkill disabled either. If you accidentally hit the rfkill button, there's no way to bring the network back without a reboot. It's extremely convenient to have rfkill working so you can have an "airplane mode" - otherwise you need to unload modules by hand during flights. :("6 Jun 2010, 24:17"01648"'Re"BarryK"playdayz, Yes, it is intended as the replacement for I haven't done a test build yet, but the latest Woof should handle it. Jemimah, I don't know about the current situation with rfkill, I just left is disabled. Username: 7 Jun 2010, 2:09

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