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Abiword 2.8.6

June 21, 2010 — BarryK
I have compiled this in Quirky, up from 2.8.3.

There is one thing that annoys me. I don't recall what version it started, but about 6 months ago I think, Abiword suddenly did not display the images in some documents. For example:


I haven't reported it, assumed that it would be noticed and fixed. But no, not yet.


no images in .doc
Username: AdrianC
Hello, I been facing this problem much more than a year, i think. No images only in .doc documents. I only use .rtf. Can this version open .docx files? Thank you Username: 21 Jun 2010, 20:40
"01676"'libwv"technosaurus"If my memory serves me correctly the error comes from newer versions of libwv (perhaps it is the way wv is compiled?... I never figured it out, but the old version at least does images) - abiword is probably the only default program that needs wv (unrelated to wvdial) so it should be safe to revert to the older version from pup431."21 Jun 2010, 21:34"01676"'wv roll back"BarryK"I rolled back. Got wv from here: Version 1.2.5 is the last version that works, so I installed that and recompiled Abiword (necessary). Username: 22 Jun 2010, 15:58
"01676"'gnumeric quirky retro"AdrianC"Talking about office apps (excuse me please if this was disscused before in your great forum, but I can not reach it anyhow): I use quirky retro versions, almost since the appeareance of abiword problem, i think, I have noticed also the following: Boot the last quirky 1.2 retro, open Gnumeric and create a new spreadsheet (.xls o .gnumeric), it can be empty, and save it in the hard disk (ext2, reiser partition). Close gnumeric and open it again, go to file/open and open just created document: It will be imposible to write in any cell; typed numbers will appear in formula's bar, but not inside de cells. But if you open rox-filer and open the spreadsheet from it, it will open normally. (after quirky1.2retro HD full install the problem dissapears) Sorry again, and Thank you BK and team."22 Jun 2010, 21:06"01676"'Libjpeg"perthie"Quirky has both libjpeg-7 and libjpeg-62. (Both 4.3.1 and Lupu have only 62.) This is a bit of a nuisance because anything compiled in Quirky won't run in the others without a symlink. Is this an oversight or is there a reason for 7?"26 Jun 2010, 8:48"01676"'My Mistake"perthie"It looks like 7 is newer than 62. "26 Jun 2010, 9:15"01676"'

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