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ffconvert, geany, xorgwizard

June 03, 2010 — BarryK
ffconvert 0.9 -- they have been coming rapidly, shinobar is doing a "zigbert" to me

Geany 20100602
Version 0.19 is due out any day, but I can't wait, got this out of SVN.

Thanks to Jemimah who added support for Elantech touchpad. -- this is a Woof script.

Regarding Quirky 1.2, I plan to release it in a day or two. Lots of other things I want to move on to...


KMS kernel options
Username: TazOC
Hi Barry, Thank you for splitting out the icons in network_tray. I'm experimenting with some new ones and desaturated the networkdead icon in GIMP so that it looks grayed out. In Lighthouse Pup I'm running Xorg-xserver 1.7.7 with your latest kernel and have excellent results with the radeon driver using DRI and either hardware or software ( acceleration. For Intel and nVidia cards I've found that adding ' nomodeset' to the kernel line fixes booting to a frozen blank screen. So for the next release I'm including 'nomodeset' on the append line in isolinux.cfg and on the kernel line in /usr/sbin/puppyinstaller. Some users have had satisfactory results with an alternative, 'i915.modeset=1' or the fallback 'xforcevesa nomodeset'. Details at [url=]a forum post[/url]. While 'nomodeset' hasn't been tried with Quirky's Xorg, that I know of, it might be helpful if the kernel module /lib/modules/ is active. TazOC P.S.: Yesterday I found the reason for kernel panics unique to Lighthouse with copy2ram. In the initscript I was echoing progress dots while pidof cp was running and found that I have to sleep 1 before checking for the pidof cp! So I put the full version of sleep into the initrd and now I can sleep .2 like this:[code] cp -af ${PUPSFSDEVMNTPT}${PUPSFSFILE} /mnt/tmpfs/ & sleep .2 while [ "`pidof cp`" != "" ]; do sleep 2; echo -n "." >/dev/console; done[/code]"3 Jun 2010, 24:56"01641"'To TazOC"BarryK"Yes, there were some nice variations to my icons posted to this blog recently, but I didn't put them in, instead decided to split them out so any puppy-builder can customise them. The Woof init script has a 'pidof' after an e2fsck and outputs dots -- so I thought why not, I'll put in a sleep also -- so put in "usleep 200000". Thanks for that info about boot parameter. We'll get the Quirky and Lupu guys to also try that. It might not be needed with Quirky's older xorg server, 1.7.1. Username: 4 Jun 2010, 8:09
"01641"'such as?"aarf""Lots of other things I want to move on to..." such as?"4 Jun 2010, 9:14"01641"'Re such as?"BarryK"I think that I'll put .txz package support into Woof, so that we can revitalise the Spup (Slack Puppy) build. Username: 4 Jun 2010, 23:26
"01641"'txz"technosaurus"I had already patched petget (older version) for txz when I patched xarchive. It was only 3 or 4 files and the tgz parts worked as a template (tar needed an upgrade though). .... also made a new format "pxt" if you are the least bit interested - it is just txz version of a pet with the md5sum -- complete with patched version of dir2pet and tgz2pet and pet2tgz that use XZ compression if called by their p[b]x[/b]t symlink (via a stupid trick using basename $0) p.s. XZ decompression is now integrated into busybox"5 Jun 2010, 4:33"01641"'Re patched petget/xarchive"BarryK"technosaurus, I'm just sorting out stuff that I downloaded awhile back... gposil posted '' -- did you have input to the design of that? Username: 5 Jun 2010, 8:57

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