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network_tray, you2pup, psync

June 01, 2010 — BarryK
I have upgraded these:

network_tray 2.3.3 (me)
You2pup 1.4.3 (soliver)
Psync 1.1 (tasmod)

...see forum for news on these last two.


Username: GCMartin
Anyone know anything about SAMBA in Quirky? Seems to have an odd implementation. I'm having a little trouble finding good reliable info. See Distrowatch shows Samba in Quirky, but the folders on Puppy and whether CUPS works as it should seems a little distant. thanks"2 Jun 2010, 7:12"01635"'Network Tray Icon in Quirky 1.1"ChrisThomas"I really don't like the network tray icon in Quirky because it doesn't look good compared with the older network tray. Maybe it is just me who is feeling this Username: 2 Jun 2010, 15:52

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