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Quirky 1.2

June 05, 2010 — BarryK
Here is the announcement and release notes:

The live-CD iso file (111.0MB):

The matching "devx" sfs file:

Quirky-Retro iso:

Quirky-Retro "devx" file:

For those on slow dialup who already have Quirky 1.1 (the iso and sfs files downloaded from ibiblio), .delta files are available for upgrading:

Go here for links to faster mirrors and CD:

Oh c**p, I found a buglet, an annoying one. It was a seamingly harmless change that I made to a script just before uploading. Easy to fix: Open /usr/bin/gtkdialog-splash in a text editor -- look at line 244, there is a "-" missing, it should be "yaf-splash". This bug prevents some popup progress indicators to display.
Note, I'll probably re-upload Quirky 1.2 tomorrow (but it will be done in such a way not to break any downloads in progress).



Quirky 1.2 feedback
Username: BarryK
I have started a forum thread for feedback: Username: 5 Jun 2010, 9:07
"01645"'Wrong size?!"Sage"Puppy Linux size has inexorably crept upwards and is in serious danger of becoming an 'also ran'. At 50Mb .iso it was a phenomenon. It's hard to resist the Siren calls of the baying hordes and the evil wills of the proprietary HW manufacturers exercising manic leverage. Resistance is not so much futile as essential. One-of-everything, a good package manager and repository, and a (well-ordered!) vibrant Forum should be the watchwords."5 Jun 2010, 12:17"01645"'Xdelta"BarryK"I have finally got around to setting up 'xdelta3' on ibiblio, so when I had to reupload the fixed ISOs, I was able upload the delta files only, then did a remote login and ran 'xdelta3'. So, what would have taken over 10 hours, was reduced to about 1 hour. Username: 5 Jun 2010, 12:23
"01645"'delta for 112"zygo"Barry, Congratultions on the final 1.2 release. Would you consider generating a 112 to 120 delta please. Does your last post mean that this can be done remotely without using your data quota? Username: 5 Jun 2010, 17:06
"01645"'xdelta112-120"aarf" gives the first q120 not the modified one md5sum 7457e373c52c174d982fde15e72b5017 qrky-120.iso"5 Jun 2010, 17:39"01645"'no download"zygo"Thanks aarf but clicking the link there just returns a page with this message:- "Accessing directly the download link doesn't work. The download only starts if you click from the download page." Does the dl start ok for you? "5 Jun 2010, 23:54"01645"'xdelta download"aarf"yes starts for me "click here" and it starts. as you can see now it says "Downloaded 1 times""6 Jun 2010, 2:03"01645"'thanks aarf and sorry"zygo"Thanks aarf and sorry -- the site needed more privileges. Would you be so kind as to upload the devx 112-120 delta too? "6 Jun 2010, 8:35"01645"'devx"aarf"i havent downaded devx file since about puppy 301 or 217. perhaps ask on the murga puppy forum"6 Jun 2010, 9:51"01645"'Not running on Virtualbox 3.1"oneel"it is my first time to Quirly, and it is the 1.2v. i have downloaded it today and wanted to test it first before burning to CD. (wanted to check if it has a Desktop environment, because i previously burnt a Sabayon COreCD and did not notice that it is a command line only distro) however it loads and shows the puppy menu and says that it will auto boot after 5 secons and then i just see a black screen and does not boot further. i am using Win7 and want to boot your Quirky using VirtualBox. however i am getting the newer VB version, and will update. P.S: where can i find the MD5 of the fixed quirky 1.2 iso to check if mine is the right one or the one which requires the fix (/usr/bin/gtkdialog-splash) Thanks !"6 Jun 2010, 24:06"01645"'Q1.2 md5sum"BarryK"They are online: Username: 7 Jun 2010, 2:12
"01645"'?!"oneel"Ok, i checked the md5 , mine is identical. and using the VirtualBox 3.1.8 , now i can boot up with Quirky. !"7 Jun 2010, 9:14"01645"'Great"ozsouth"I like this pup - good on new hardware."2 Jul 2010, 12:47"01645"'

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