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shared-mime-info improved

June 04, 2010 — BarryK
Forum member jamesbond sent me this pm:

In Quirky 1.1, if one runs "update-mime-database /usr/share/mime", all the custom puppy mime info (e.g. dotpet, dotpup, sfs, etc) will be gone.
The reason for this? I think you hand-crafted the /usr/share/mime/application/pet.xml and the /usr/share/mime/globs --- which is supposed to be generated
automatically by update-mime-database from xml files /usr/share/mime/packages. The auto-generation will overwrite your handcrafted files.

So what I did is I gathered all the custom mime info you hand-crafted, and put them together into an xml file which can be put into /usr/share/mime/packages directory. This way, every time you run update-mime-database, puppy mime will be auto-generated as well. In the future, when you add new mime types, you
can just insert it into this file and re-run update-mime-database.

James, thanks very much for this. I have put /usr/share/mime/packages/puppy.xml into the shared-mime-info template in Woof, also into the '' package used by Quirky and some other builds.

Note, this hasn't made it into Quirky 1.2, but will be in the next upload of Woof.

Tags: woof