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Woof progress note

June 22, 2010 — BarryK
Just to let everyone know what is going on, especially for those who would like to get the latest Woof.

As I have added Slackware .txz package capability to Woof, I have just started to do a sanity build of "Spup", from Slackware 13.1 packages.

This will just be a basic sanity check, that it builds a live-CD ok, but there could be bugs with X or whatever. I won't bother about those, just test the basic build process in Woof.

If it builds Spup ok, then I'll upload Woof.

Hmmm, it might take awhile. The Slackware packages are downloading very slowly, only about 8-12 KB/sec.


woof and pet packages
Username: 01micko
Hi Barry Probably blowing my own trumpet a bit here (ha!), nevertheless I have created a simple script based on 2createpckages and 3builddistro snippets that creates pet packages (and sfs) out of debs for upup (aka lupu) and dpup. On my 'TODO' list is support for tgz/txz. The script is intended for the intermediate/interested user as a tool to create puppy packages out of alien packages to "stock" the repos (or their own repo) with compatible packages including dependencies for the compatible distro. A few of the guys in the Lupu threads have taken this on with open arms. The big deal, I think, is that if a user makes a woof distro, and then decides that that wasn't good enough and makes another, that he/she can save the package for next time and needn't include it in their PKGS_SPECS_TABLE. Here's the script so far... It's only about 6k and may be a good addition to woof, upon maturity of course! Ideas welcome. :happy: Cheers"22 Jun 2010, 19:45"01677"'Slackware repos"TazOC"Hi Barry, Not sure which mirror you're using but is throttled to limit bandwidth and others are slow as well. is very fast from here. Full list of mirrors:, or dl slackpkg-2.81.1-noarch-1.tgz at the same link and open /etc/slackpkg/mirrors is a handy search engine to find Slackware packages. Username: 23 Jun 2010, 6:25
"01677"'Slackware repos"TazOC"The first link in my last post should be"23 Jun 2010, 6:30"01677"'Spup builds using Slackware"Grndoor"I have been successfully building versions of Spup using Woof and Slackware version 13.0 (Woof scripts were modified to handle ".txz" slackware packages). The major changes which were required in moving up to Slackware version 13.1 were as follows: "libdevmapper" was provided by package "device-mapper" and is now provided by package "lvm2" "libblkid" was provided by package "e2fsprogs" and is now provided by package "util-linux-ng" Puppy-4 pet package "jwm2-457-p4" uses "" which corresponds to the version provided by slackware version 13.0. Puppy-Quirky pet package "jwm2-492-patched-q1" uses "". Slackware version 13.1 provides "" The appropriate version of "libjpeg" was added to the woof libjpeg directory in "packages-spup" just prior to building spup. Note: using "util-linux-ng" directly overwrites your "mount" and "umount" scripts. Username: 23 Jun 2010, 24:10
"01677"'Spup by grndoor"BarryK"Grndoor, I would like to acknowledge your trail-blazing doing this. I implemented it in Woof independently, and the notes you have posted above are useful... [b]lvm2[/b] The Slackware Gparted package needs lvm2, but I used my own Gparted PET from Quirky that doesn't need device-mapper/lvm2. So, I haven't put lvm2 into Spup. I don't know if anything else needs lvm2. [b]util-linux-ng[/b] I have also used the Slackware package, but applied the 'util-linux' template, so 'mount' and 'umount' scripts are not over-written. Yes, e2fsprogs has, util-linux-gn has and and point to the latter. [b]libjpeg[/b] Yes, I built Spup with three different jpeg packages, the official Slackware package plus two PETs, to handle this problem. For announcement of Spup built from Woof, see next post: Username: 24 Jun 2010, 19:33

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