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Xlockmore 5.31

June 08, 2010 — BarryK
We were discussing screen locking in the previous post:

Dejan reported that there is a bug with entering the password. I have compiled xlockmore version 5.31, which fixes that bug.

Note that the 'xlock' executable is very big. Even using configure options to make it as small as possible, it is still about 1MB (uncompressed).

However, I have hacked the file 'xlock/mode.h' to only support these modes:

#define MODE_solitaire
#define MODE_mandelbrot
#define MODE_spiral
#define MODE_penrose
#define MODE_matrix
#define MODE_lyapunov
#define MODE_goop
#define MODE_dclock
#define MODE_ball

...the the 'xlock' executable is now 178KB. This is the same operation that I performed years ago when I compiled version 5.20.1.

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